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Wedding photography is hard for countless reasons. It’s hard because you work in circumstances completely out of your control. It’s hard because it’s the only sort of photography where even the 500th-best shot you took that day matters. It’s hard because you just wanted to take pictures and now you find yourself immersed in the complicated world of business. It’s hard because you can get burnt out when your schedule is at odds with most other people you know. And it’s hard because most things worth doing well should be hard.

When everything is fabulous, amazing, gorgeous, and awesome, you’re probably going to do OK. But when everything’s working against you, it helps to have shortcuts to lessons that I mostly learned the hard way. These lessons will help you on the best days by giving you new tools as a photographer, storyteller, and businessperson — but above all else we will give you tools to succeed in every kind of environment.

This is my first American workshop in two years. I’ve taught and photographed all over the world since, and I’ve polished my workshops to achieve the same goal I have when I shoot a wedding — doing everything I can to do the best job possible. Each problem is an opportunity, because it is the way we deal with challenges that helps each of us progress to the next level, and we’re going to show you the tricks we’ve learned to deal with these challenges.

With the help of my love, partner, and amazing photographer Tatiana Breslow, we are bringing workshops home to Brooklyn for an intensive experience on May 28 and 29. Both days will start at 11 a.m.. May 28 will be a day and night affair, continuing after dinner so we can take you from creating beautiful images in terrible mid-day light to doing the same in the dark of night. May 29 will take us through more shooting, processing and review, as well as a thorough review of creating a seamless, attractive experience for your clients, and tips and structure to keep you motivated, creative, and happy in the long run. As I near my 500th wedding, I love them even more than I did at the beginning, and the ways to get there are perhaps the biggest tips to long-term success.

I don’t believe in running a business based on secrets, so I have none. Over the course of two days I will be open to you, and with a small cap on attendees we’ll be able to discover and address many of the obstacles in your individual path. Plus, Brooklyn is kind of awesome.

To review:

  1. Two-full-days workshop, 11 to 10pm and 10 to 7 pm respectively.
  2. Day 1 will be shooting-heavy, covering not just tricks from the Brenizer method, flash composites, shooting in terrible light and no light at all, but also deepening understandings of composition and the grammar of photography. This day can be helpful for more general portrait photographers
  3. Day 2 will feature some shooting, portfolio review, marketing to clients and building trust, including a mock client meeting with difficult questions, and managing a business with long-term financial health and happiness.
  4. Based out of my studio, 20 feet from the subway and with surprisingly easy parking
  5. Lunch will be covered both days
  6. There will be opportunities to shoot, so bring enough gear that you’d be comfortable shooting portraits with, though you don’t have o bring everything. Definitely bring any CLS-compatible Nikon flashes, since that can make for some fun opportunities.
  7. Cost: $1,000.
  8. For those who can only do one of the days, Day 1 is $650 and Day 2 is $450.
  9. 10 percent discount for members of the same studio.

To sign up, E-mail photos@ryanbrenizer.com with the subject “MAY 2015 BROOKLYN WORKSHOP.” Deposit will be $250. Please e-mail and get confirmation before paying the deposit.

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robin martinez - would love to attend the March 13th workshop.. thanks robin

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Desmond Leo - Please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE host a workshop somewhere out west! Vancouver, Canada would be preferred but I would fly out for a workshop in a split second if it were near by. Hell…just throw another workshop somewhere in central America like Dallas again later on this year. I’ll be there in a heartbeat…just can’t make this one.

a future wedding customer of yours.
(I’ve figured out the photographer…now I just need a potential wife)

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Anna - *gasp* “…multi-day workshops in London and South East Asia”? Definitely in (as long as its not during the wedding season here!) Give us a heads up earlier pretty please :)

Jamie O'SULLIVAN - Do a London or even Irish workshop! I’ll get at least 3 participants for you.

Andy Gaines - … I’ve heard that England would be a GREAT place to hold a workshop… Just saying…

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Oxana - Can you please tell exact time of the end of the workshop of on Saturday

Matt Reid - I agree with Andy Gaines; especially in a city with a Medieval Cathedral. Say York or Lincoln.

Ryan Brenizer - I wanted to do one this summer, but there’s a little thing called the Olympics…

Matt Reid - Fair comment Ryan :)

Jonathan Knox - Hello Ryan, do you have a date for your upcoming workshops.

Ujwal Bhattarai - Hi Ryan,

Great that you have finally decided to do workshops.

You must come downunder. I would love to attend your workshop in Sydney. I will also be very happy to volunteer and help with the organizing the event here in Sydney if you ever get time or decide to come here. I am sure people will even attend from Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and even Asia pacific.

Looking forward to attending your workshop someday in Australia.

Amanda Lamb - Hi there! :) is there a mailing list I can get on to find out about future workshops? Thanks!

sung ma - always helpful and informative. Many thanks Ryan and once again congratulation !!!

Please post up coming workshop schedule thanks….

Stefy Hilmer - I am interested in both days.
Can’t wait. Thanks.

Dohn - Hello!

Just curious if you are going to have a workshop here in Southern California? i Bet you’ll have lots of people who will be attending here!

Crystal Madsen - I am hoping that you have a few workshops scheduled for late 2013 or early 2014. I would love to register for a class from you and have an opportunity to learn. Thanks.

Blonnie Brooks - Just so you realize there is continued interest in your workshop… I hope you decide to have another in 2014! :)

omarlopez2005 - cuando en mexico DF?

Angelo Baizas - What’s the time frame for NYC workshops ?

Angelo Baizas

Ryan Brenizer - Spring

Linas Zukauskas - Hello Ryan !
I’d like to ask if you are planning to organize any workshops in Europe this year?

Ryan Brenizer - I need to look at my calendar — we have south america and se asia workshops in the works, so I need to see if any time makes sense for europe

Max Pizarro - Looking forward to your spring 2014 NYC workshop. When will dates be announced? Great B&H video on your style.

Ryan Brenizer - This week, if all goes well!

Ritu Kamboj - Would there be any workshops in Toronto? Looking forward to your plans for Canada!

Andrea Mariño - Hello Ryan! Besides Asia Workshop.. where are you gonna be this year? U.S.?

Paolo Feliciano - Hi Ryan I was wondering if you have an upcoming workshop late August or early September 2015 in NYC. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Stacia Allman Morgan - When is your next workshop?

Angela Seguna - Hi Love your work, will you ever becoming to Australia to run a workshop :) ?

Doña Andrea - Will there be workshops in 2016?