Denver wedding photography workshop

Ah … the Rocky Mountains. Glorious, snow-capped peaks, blue skies shining onto clear lakes … pastoral paradise.

Except wedding photographers know that isn’t the whole story. Tales from the Rockies talk about how the “Golden Hour” feels more like a “Golden 90 seconds” between blazing sun and deep night. And you’re not getting that 90 seconds anyway because the hair and make-up team ran long, the wedding schedule was too night, the best man got drunk and then got lost, the unpredictable weather means that yesterday’s snow is turning to mud in the baking heat … and Denver’s a city, so not-so-pastoral.

This is what wedding photography actually is, the work to overcome the challenges that get between us and the best photos. And this is what Tatiana and I are going to show in Denver on Sept. 6. Because on a wedding day, whatever is going on, there is no choice … you have to make it work.

We will take you through our tips for handling these wedding days, from photography tips and tricks that turn bad situations to your advantage or can be used quickly in nearly any environment. We will discuss the pre-wedding work that allows you to head off many of these problems before they happen, and the post-wedding work that makes your photos better and clients happier.

Full day and a bit of the night for a small group, $600. Deposit is $250

E-mail with the subject DENVER WORKSHOP to sign up and for more information.

To sign up, e-mail with the subject “MARCH 2016 BROOKLYN WORKSHOP.” Deposit will be $250. Please e-mail and get confirmation before paying the deposit.

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  1. Please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE host a workshop somewhere out west! Vancouver, Canada would be preferred but I would fly out for a workshop in a split second if it were near by. Hell…just throw another workshop somewhere in central America like Dallas again later on this year. I’ll be there in a heartbeat…just can’t make this one.

    a future wedding customer of yours.
    (I’ve figured out the photographer…now I just need a potential wife)

  2. *gasp* “…multi-day workshops in London and South East Asia”? Definitely in (as long as its not during the wedding season here!) Give us a heads up earlier pretty please :)

  3. I agree with Andy Gaines; especially in a city with a Medieval Cathedral. Say York or Lincoln.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Great that you have finally decided to do workshops.

    You must come downunder. I would love to attend your workshop in Sydney. I will also be very happy to volunteer and help with the organizing the event here in Sydney if you ever get time or decide to come here. I am sure people will even attend from Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and even Asia pacific.

    Looking forward to attending your workshop someday in Australia.

  5. Hello!

    Just curious if you are going to have a workshop here in Southern California? i Bet you’ll have lots of people who will be attending here!

  6. I am hoping that you have a few workshops scheduled for late 2013 or early 2014. I would love to register for a class from you and have an opportunity to learn. Thanks.

  7. Just so you realize there is continued interest in your workshop… I hope you decide to have another in 2014! :)

  8. Hello Ryan !
    I’d like to ask if you are planning to organize any workshops in Europe this year?

  9. Looking forward to your spring 2014 NYC workshop. When will dates be announced? Great B&H video on your style.

  10. Would there be any workshops in Toronto? Looking forward to your plans for Canada!

  11. Hi Ryan I was wondering if you have an upcoming workshop late August or early September 2015 in NYC. Thank you in advance for your reply.

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