“WWGMcGD? Workshop: March 18-19

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Evening of Friday March 18th and full day of Saturday March 19th.


The Brewery Art Collective in Downtown Los Angeles! A 3,000-foot studio for us to play around in!

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How do I register?

E-mail ryanbrenizerworkshops@gmail.com for information or to mark your spot!

Lodging and travel information:

We have a lot of people coming in from out of town, so this is for you.

The Brewery is an amazing, amazing place with a thousand nooks and crannies to shoot in, but it’s not in a hotel district. In general, renting a car is strongly recommended for trips to Los Angeles — it’s spread out in ways that my Manhattan mind can’t quite understand. But for the really frugal, the downtown location means that this is a short cab or bus ride from Los Angeles Union station.

I’m a utilitarian traveler, so for myself the Friday night hotel is of limited importance … I’ll only be awake there for an hour or so! I’m staying at the Metro Plaza hotel, which is reviewed as inexpensive and clean. If you like to travel in style or are making a fun vacation out of this, there are a lot of fantastic hotels in the region, as you can see here.

If you have any emergency questions, the most immediate way to contact me, especially if I am traveling, is a text to 917-740-5969, although I will also be checking e-mail frequently as this closes upon us.

What the…?

If you photograph people, and particularly if you photograph weddings, you have to constantly deal with the unpredictable. You see amazing shoots in magazines where people had the time time and control to make everything perfect, and maybe it drives you crazy that you don’t have fabulous locations, unlimited time, and subjects who are naturals in front of the camera.

Or maybe you can embrace the chaos and get some new perspectives for dealing with it, making some sense out of it, and even embracing it, knowing that chaos and change bring energy and new opportunities that you couldn’t see if you’d planned every detail beforehand.

I’ve spent my entire life, as a writer and photographer, turning chaos into stories. I’ve learned a lot of tricks in a decade of photojournalism and close to 200 weddings, and I don’t believe in keeping secrets. Whether the problems are not enough time, terrible locations, terrible light, awkward or hostile subjects, or simply the feeling that your work or your business isn’t progressing the way you’d like to, we’ll show all the ins and outs of the things I do to have a wildly successful photography business, and create photos that your are proud to show off every time you shoot.

We’ll work through things like:

•How to actually do the Brenizer method well (Hey, if someone’s going to teach it)

•How to turn night into day and day into night, or anything in between.

•How to make subjects comfortable even if your time is tight

•How to learn to love group shots again.

•How to take the tricks that make commercial photographers so much money and make them easy and streamlined enough to use on wedding days.

And more, not to mention

•Networking with photographers of similar interests, including a moderated (and improved!) Facebook group

•A frank discussion of how to bridge the gap between taking good photos and running a profitable business

•Getting to your own personal “whys” in photography

And we’ll have fun.

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My Goals:

I’m someone who believes that if you didn’t learn anything, then I wasn’t teaching in the first place. I work hard to make sure that everyone, from relative newcomer to photographers with more experience than I have, gets enough out of my workshops to make the investment worth much more than they paid. And I believe you can learn as much from each other as you can from me, so I try to make this as effective a networking experience as possible. I want you to come home with some photos that you love, but far more important I want you to come home energized and ready to push yourself forward, and I want the same for me.

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How much?

$500 if you pre-register before March 7, or $600 after.

See some reviews of previous workshops here!

Jessica Schilling - Ha – only someone from NYC would think LA is cheap! Not sure if I can make this yet but it sounds great, thanks for the additional info!

Paul Rowland - Glad to see my flash was on for that group shot…

Wish I could make it – this would be really cool.

Larry Chua - Ryan….please come to Wisconsin. You’ll get even more for your money here.

Ryan Brenizer - I had a Wisconsin inquiry, but I was booked.

Daniel - Ryan,

How I should pre-register myself to go there.

I will go from Panama, Republic of Panama.

Daniel - Am I ontime to register?