16 thoughts on “The most comprehensive Brenizer method tutorial is here!”

  1. The site it was originally hosted on is going out of business, but I am getting the best-quality version from the video editor and will have it up on a better site within a week.

  2. Still the old site, apparently… When and where are you having the video available for purchasing?

  3. I’m just curious though, didn’t you just mention on the very recent B&H Wedding Event that if one preorders the video, one would only pay $8? It’s not the $2, but I’m just curious what happened to that incentive.

  4. I purchased your video and got to the point where you went “closed caption” and at 1:00:34 you said “1/5000th of a second” but the text said, “1/500 of a second.” Just a heads up. Great video by the way. There were several areas I was unclear on in the multiple videos on the internet. This cleared some of them up.

  5. I would like subtitles but not on the bar offers me the opportunity to put them, how can I do?

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