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Lauren and Michael’s Meadowlark Botanical Gardens wedding

A little 105-degree-heat didn’t stop Lauren and Michael’s wedding from being a fantastic celebration unique to them, a celebration of their love, their faith … and yes, their geekiness. As a proud geek myself, I was delighted to see table numbers not in a simple order, but with math-and-science-laden figured such as π, 6.02 x 10^23, 42, c, and √2 (a rather important number in photography).

The heat kept us out of most of the grounds of the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, but the atrium made a cool, fantastic venue for the wedding. The rabbi said that she had never, in her entire history of couples’ counseling, had a pair as devoted and interested to every last word of their ketubah. Their faith was evident throughout, and the day ended with their family and friends gathering with them to read the Torah.

Sam Hurd added his talents to this wedding, and there are some of his photos in the mix because a) he rocked it and b) he uses the same cameras and lenses as I do, and actually borrowed one of my cameras for a while, so they’re indivisible at this point.

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