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Lake Champlain Wedding: Stephanie and Kevin

Before the wedding day, the last time I saw the bride was when she was 6 years old. I admit that when I saw her, part of me thought “Wait … what right do you have to be gorgeous? You’re supposed to be six!”

You see, this was more than a wedding, it was a homecoming. I have known Stephanie’s family all of my life. When I arrived in the morning, her grandmother hugged me for about three minutes straight. Her mother, who planned so many of the amazing, home-spun details, had made sure that they would only have the wedding on a day I was available. And the kid from Plattsburgh, who had so long laid dormant, came back in full-force. The kid in me was far more star-struck by the local weatherman being a guest than by a wedding I shot where Wolf Blitzer got down on the dance floor. Because, you know, he’s on TV, and kids from Plattsburgh don’t know anyone on TV.

It was everything a wedding should be, and things that I didn’t even know a wedding should be. You want to see bonding between a bride’s father and his new son-in-law? Well, it helps that the groom is a guitar hero, and brought his band a long so Dad could join him on drums for a 10-minute jam session. Hula hoops, cotton candy, gorgeous Lake Champlain sunsets, and Chinese sky lanterns? Got ’em. And an environment of fun and love in every corner? Got it.

Congratulations to friends old and new.

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