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Kimmel Center Wedding: Dana and Zal

Speaking as a groom about to plan his own wedding: Zal, you’re making it harder for the rest of us. First, the proposal: Both Dana and Zal are actors, knowing that Dana’s favorite movie was “Pretty Woman,” he faked an audition for her to go try out — but when she got there, all she found was that she had been put in the right place for Zal to come up, sticking out a limo a la Richard Gere. I knew right from this description that they were going to have a heck of a wedding, but this is only the beginning. Zal had been a member of the Broadway Boys performance group, and Dana knew that he had convinced them to perform at the reception … but not that he was rehearsed and ready to perform a few song with them. At every moment this sense of whimsy and delight at marrying Dana was written in exclamation points on his face, and in every aspect of planning. I got more involved in the planning of the day than usual, helping not just with the schedule and some of the other vendor recommendations (such as our pal Paul Hairston on video) but also things like lighting design, and loved it because both of their excitement even carried through the logistics.

It doesn’t hurt that Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center is a beautiful, dramatic place to hold a wedding. It’s also big. Really big. We were wearing fitness bands that day, and I’m glad, since both Tatiana Breslow and I hit all-time records. We’d love to shoot there again for that cardiovascular fitness, if not for the beauty.



Jackie and Anthony’s Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding

I’d been shooting portraits of Jackie and her bridesmaids on a sunny Philadelphia pier when I looked back toward land and saw Anthony walking toward me with his groomsmen. In unison. In slow motion.

I started laughing. “Did you just Reservoir Dogs yourselves?”

It describes Jackie and Anthony well. Funny, care-free, and visually-oriented (Anthony is an avid photographer himself). It was bound to be a good time, and it was. Philadelphia’s Cescaphe Ballroom was elegant, convenient and, I hope, impervious to flame, since their wedding featured indoor fireworks and an indoor cigar bar. I wasn’t in Bloomberg’s NYC anymore…

I couldn’t have had a better time with them and their family. Congratulations, all.

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