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Pratt House wedding: Linda and Joseph

Wedding photographers see the world a little differently. Our weekends are on Wednesdays, our crunch time might come at 10 p.m. We measure time and history a little differently too. Yes, I will always remember how kind, smart, and funny Linda and Joseph are. I will remember their laugh, the way they celebrate with friends and family. I will remember the intimate beauty of the Harold Pratt House, the deft planning of Christine at Exquisite Affairs Productions.

But I will also remember this as my first wedding where the guests truly owned Gangnam Style.

There’s elegance and grace, and then there are elegant, graceful people willing to dive through someone’s legs to re-enact a Korean music video. These are my people.

Thank you to Dennis Pike for second-shooting, and being awesome in general.


Bridgewaters Wedding: Megan and Michael

The highest compliment I can give a wedding is that it made me wish I was a guest. Not only was I itching to get out on the dance floor with Megan and Michael — the entire affair was so stylish that I left thinking “Man, I have to get a new suit.”

Yes, I expected style from the couple that brought me the Mad Men-themed engagement shoot, complete with newspapers actually from 1963. But pair that with with a ceremony in a midtown terrace and a decorated-to-the-hilt reception at Bridgewaters, and it was a fantastic day throughout. Now about that suit…


Metropolitan Club Wedding: Ariana and Eric

Ariana and Eric’s wedding was just … more. Yes, the Metropolitan Club is what you’d expect from a place J.P. Morgan built when he really wanted to impress people. Yes, Ariana bought her amazing dress in Paris and few to Italy for a private fitting at the invitation of the designer. But that’s just what made the wedding fancy. What made the wedding amazing was how warm, funny, and self-effacing the bride and groom were, and the deep family connections. It’s not often that you see heartfelt tear-jerking speeches between the groom and the bride’s father, to say nothing of the connections between their own parents.

Every aspect of the day was designed to the smallest degree, but at all times it was clear that what really mattered was the people and the connections between them.

Speaking of amazing people, Sara K Byrne flew in from Boise to second-shoot, and she was fantastic as always. Ariana and Eric made us feel like family as well. Thank you for having us tell this story.


Guastavino’s wedding: Yelena and Ben

I’ve had a lot of challenges thrown in the way of my wedding coverage this year, from hurricanes to closed NYC tunnels to rescheduled weddings, but every once in a while, my couples aren’t just lucky in love, but on the day itself. Yelena and Ben’s wedding missed a giant freak snowstorm by a few hours and a few miles, and by the end of the night, when I was lying on the street in the middle of traffic to get a shot (long story), the snow was all but gone.

There are a lot worse places to be snowed in than Guastavino’s, though, a restaurant and event space with gorgeous architecture and style. The entire day from getting ready to the last moments of the reception was in the building, which eliminates about nine of the top 10 potential stressors on a wedding day.

Take Manhattan chic, add embarrassing and fun stories from family, a father rocking out on the mic with the band, belly dancers, rambunctious kids, and a kind, warm couple who couldn’t stop looking at each other all night, and you have a heck of a wedding.

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Lemonade out of Lemons

Lemonade out of Lemons

Apparently it’s Bad Weather Week on the blog.

Cathy and Glenn had a gorgeous wedding at the Central Park Boathouse on Saturday. But there was just one little problem — the only way to easily get to the Boathouse is on foot, normally a lovely little jaunt through the park. But right as they reached the edge of the park, right when guests would be trickling in, the skies opened and it began to pour.

The timing couldn’t have been worse for them, as the logistical problems piled up, but they handled things calmly and efficiently.

“Hey guys,” I said. “I know you’ve been handed a tough situation. If you come about five feet to the left, we can use this terrible weather to take some great photos. This will pass soon and you’ll just have a great story to tell.”

And so we did.

The next night, Cathy sent me a gracious message: “Thank you for making lemonade out of lemons.”

I love this job.

Lens: 45mm f/2.8 PC-E, using the shift function to make the panorama.
Camera: Nikon D3s
Light: Sb-900 triggered by PocketWizard FlexTT5, held by my assistant Brendan McGinley


Cindy and Sharvin’s Studio 450 wedding

It takes a brave and cheerful couple to brave Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square on Fleet Week. Luckily Cindy and Sharvin had both qualities to spare. They’re the sort of people who are so nice that they make you nicer simply by standing around them — which is exactly what midtown Manhattan needs. They added their own touch to the Studio 450 loft space with elements both classic and personal, including home-cooked desserts from family recipes. And clearly their great attitudes paid off karmically, since they win the door prize for being my first couple with an outdoor ceremony this year where it didn’t rain! Nothing like a rooftop ceremony that looks out over such iconic New York structures as the Empire State Building, the New Yorker, and (if you look carefully) Ryan Brenizer Photography studios.


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Karen and Ajay’s Ritz-Carlton Wedding

How do you get more awesome than a gorgeous, intimate wedding marrying Indian and German traditions at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park?. Well, technically Karen and Ajay’s first dance was to “99 Luftbalons,” which I think is amazing.

It’s a good thing that Karen has a gorgeous laugh, because in almost 200 wedding I have never seen a bride spend so much time in utter, delighted hysterics. It helps that the speech jointly delivered by her brothers was absolutely hilarious.

All of Karen’s side had to come all the way from Germany for this wedding, and they did, which shows the fantastic connections to friends and family this couple has.