Woodbury Country Club Wedding: Joanna and Angel

Joanna and Angel came into my studio all smiles and holding hands, warm and open. I asked them to tell me a little bit about themselves.

“Well,” Angel said, “I’m a police officer…”

“Ahh …” I said, “So this is going to be a really good party.”

I was right.

Here’s all you need to know about what kind of guy Angel is. Joanna found halfway through the day that the shoes were cutting into her feet. Seems like a normal wedding-day pain? Well, Angel wouldn’t allow it — so he took the limo from the church to Grand Concourse, one of the busiest, craziest streets of the Bronx — and bought her new shoes.

That’s love.

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Gramercy Vineyards Wedding: Tiffany and Bartow

When I meet with prospective couples, I give them access to every wedding I’ve photographed recently, whether conditions were perfect at a wedding or whether Murphy’s Law was in full effect. I do this to say: “Don’t panic. Sometimes things aren’t perfect, but we’ll get good photos anyway.”

And you shouldn’t panic, because every so-called wedding disaster simply becomes a great story to tell … and sometimes it becomes something more. When it started raining on Tiffany and Bartow’s gorgeous outdoor wedding at Gramercy Vineyards? That’s a story to tell — how everyone huddled close together under the tents and in the small barn and talked and laughed, how everyone cheered when the staff figured out how to turn the lights back on. But when a cask of wine cracked open on the dance floor, filling the room with an inch of sweet, pungent liquid? That’s something more, something that shows how awesome Tiffany, Bartow, and their loved ones are. Because it just made them party even harder. Out came the rain boots, off came the shoes, and they danced, kicking up wine, splashing all over, simply celebrating the day.

Sometimes I see a wedding and say “Yes, this is everything a wedding should be.” And it’s not the awesome details or the gorgeous collections of cakes they had, or the fantastic setting of a lush vineyard. It’s the people. Always the people.

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