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Love is Work Made Visible (literally)

De Seversky Mansion wedding

Lawrence built these letters himself with foam-core and Christmas lights, in addition to handcrafting exquisite wooden signs, tables, and hand-painting dozens of luminaries for the grounds of his De Seversky mansion wedding on Saturday. Speaking as a guy, Lawrence, you’re blowing the curve for the rest of us.

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 II


Beginning the year with a bang (Crestwood Manor wedding)

Group 0 pano 140105 000151 105mm f2 9193 pano 140105 000230 105mm f2 9337 143 images

When I saw these lights at the Crestwood Manor, I couldn’t help myself, and did what may be my biggest panorama ever: 143 frames, 281 megapixels, effectively a 24mm f0.45 lens.

And Anil and Mabel outshine it all.
Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: 143-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Nikon 105mm f/2 D DC (equivalent of 24mm f/0.45 according to Brett’s calculator)


Chateau Briand Wedding: Samantha and Tushar

When you meet Samantha and Tushar, they strike you as extremely kind, deeply in love, and a little quiet. Well, two out of three are true, at least when it comes to wedding receptions. With countless deep friendships that they’ve maintained over the years, extensive dancing, musical performances, and even an entrance via a pneumatic platform via the Chateau Briand, it was anything but a quiet reception. What else could one expect from a wedding featuring Tushar’s brother, from deep Georgia, the self-proclaimed “only Indian redneck?”

Gorgeous day, amazing people. Congratulations, you crazy kids.


Fox Hollow Wedding: Lindsay and Ron

I’ve had a lot of lucky breaks in this business, right from the photojournalism days. “Hey there, new kid. We like your tenacity. Want to photograph the president?” isn’t something most people get to hear very often. But one of my luckiest is that so many of my clients are people who it is an absolute pleasure to spend a day with, and leave me saying “Hey, we should do that again.”

Luckily when Lindsay and Ron saw their wedding slideshow, they said pretty much the same thing. See you at the 10-year anniversary!

Even a cursory glance will show you how warm, funny, and ready to party Lindsay, Ron, and their friends were. As soon as I hear that a groom can do the “Put a Ring on It” dance, I know we’re in for a good night. The floor at Fox Hollow was packed with friends and family whose reactions let me know that I was right: Lindsay and Ron are fantastic people, and worth celebrating. Congratulations, you two.


Sand Castle wedding: Marsida and Genc

One of the things I love about this job is how many cultures I get to peek into. These days, I often know the details of Jewish and Hindu wedding ceremonies better than the couples getting married do. And I especially love interacting with cultures I haven’t had much experience with, from Basque to Trinidadian and so on.

But none of it prepared me for the big, fat awesomeness of an Albanian wedding.

Belly dancers? Rituals that surely break all sorts of fire codes? I like it.

(And there’s even another Albanian wedding soon to follow).

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