Winthrop Estate Wedding: Lisa Marie and Rudy

I knew that Lisa Marie and I would be fast friends from the start. She has a vivacious energy that absolutely never stops, even on a normal day — so I knew she’d be bubbling over at her wedding.

There’s something about weddings at remote lodging like the Wintrop Estate in Lenox Massachusetts that makes it feel like a wonderful family getaway where they just happened to throw a gorgeous wedding. Family and guests were already milling around the area when I got there, having slept there the night before, so it was a communal celebration right from the start.

It was a long and not always easy road for Lisa Marie and Rudy to bring this wedding about, and so it ran the gamut of emotions, with tears flowing into laughter and back again in the space of seconds. The sort of people I’m happy to just be around for a day, taking their energy in, let alone photograph.