Kruti and Gaurav’s Mahwah Sheraton Wedding

Indian weddings are awesome in a quite literal way — the community celebration aspect, the thousands-of-years-old symbolism of each ceremonial action, the color, the energy — everything is over-the-top. I’ve become quite experienced with their nuances, but in the end saying “Indian wedding” like saying “American Wedding”: there are so many varied traditions that there are always surprises I look forward to. The ceremonial Coca-Cola? Kruti’s entire family trying to sneak grabs at Gaurav’s nose while his side kept it protected? All of this added another layer to the exciting elements I’ve come to know so well.

But it was the couple that made the day truly great. By the time I photographed the wedding, I’d already shot their engagement portraits, their engagement party, and Kruti’s pre-wedding ceremonies, so I felt I knew them and their families very well by the start of the wedding day, and it was an absolute pleasure throughout. It takes a solid group of friends and family to stage an entire, 20-minute-long parody of Family Feud during the reception. Not for one moment did a little April showers slow this wedding down, as you’ll see below:


Wedding: Reema and Kartik at the Hyatt Regency

This fantastic wedding at the Hyatt Regency was a long time in coming. You’ll notice that this post leads off with an engagement shoot, which isn’t something I usually do.

It’s not an engagement shoot. It’s a new invention of mine I call a “Three-and-a-half-month-later shoot.”

Reema and Kartik’s wedding was so lively, so filled with fun and family and 600 guests, that the only time they could stop to have some photos taken on the wedding day was for 30 seconds as they lined up to enter the reception. So I posed to them a simple choice: We could either take five minutes away from the crazy, constant party to get some great shots, or we could have another more casual shoot later.

They chose the non-stop party, and I think it was the best choice, particularly when they started the night with a carefully rehearsed Bollywood dance.

When you talk about epic weddings, this is epic. Fantastic planning, as always, by Shaadi Chic. 600 guests. Multiple outfits, including Reema’s metal dress that was as heavy as it sounds — ladies, you constantly amaze me with your endurance — and Kartik’s late-night cow outfit. Yes, epic. I really can’t even show you the craziest stuff, so you’ll just have to imagine. Congratulations!