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Wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau: Antoinette and Jonathan

Allow me to enter the Wayback Machine to when the weather was warm, flowers were blooming, and we were beginning to buckle down for our crazy season. If you can set your clock by one thing, it’s that when the weather is nice, full-time wedding photographers’ lives are crazy. Now that the cold winds blow, we are slowly crawling out of our holes and I can start blogging some more of the amazing weddings we’ve been able to document in the past year.

Antoinette and Jonathan’s wedding will show you that the weddings we weren’t able to post the first time around were just as awesome as the ones we were able to sneak out. This day was filled with so much fun and joy and love and dancing … oh yes, the dancing. I was so glad to be able to document it with the fantastic Tatiana Breslow at my side, and am glad to (finally) be able to share it with you.


Venetian Wedding: Erica and Dan Eric

Filipino weddings tend to be an incredibly vibrant mix of deep ceremonial meaning and broad family ties, with more people in the processionals than even attend many of the weddings I shoot. These both lead to a deep sort of community investment in the wedding … or in other words, people are ready to party.

How do you take this energy and turn it to 11? First, you invite a LOT of people, whom The Venetian does a great job at housing in style.. Second, you be twin vibrating bundles of energy like Erica and Dan Eric. A couple that taught everyone how to Dougie for their first dance, and who had her father do a mean Beyonce impersonation for the father/daughter dance. There is warmth and then there is Erica, who at a number of times throughout the day would stop whatever she was doing and give me a hug. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

I was glad too. Glad to be there with such amazing, crazy people. Glad to share the day seconded by the amazing Tatiana, who also got her share of hugs, and my intern Leah. And really, just glad to show you these photos.


Renaissance Aruba Resort wedding: Gina and Gary

“So … how would you like it if we flew you out to Aruba in November?” Gary asked me. He might as well have said … there are no metaphors. It’s Aruba. In November. Perfect.

And more so with a kind, hilarious couple. I came in a few days early to make sure there were no flight problems, and because it was Aruba in November. I had my run of the island, but spent most of the time hanging out with Gary, Gina and their wedding party just because of how much fun we were having. It’s one thing to get on a wedding party’s good side … it’s another to hang out with them at the hotel pool until 3 a.m.

All you need to know is that Gina’s wedding gift to Gary was a pristine copy of The Incredible Hulk #181, the first appearance of a furry little fellow named Wolverine. They wanted to mix the traditions of a Filipino wedding with the laid-back nature of a beach wedding, so the ceremony was at a local church and then we boated out to a private island just in time to catch the last bits of sunset.

The reception was on the beach in the sand, with a court for dancing and speeches, and Gina and Gary thoughtfully provided sandals for every guest. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph a reception barefoot, though — and so I did.

We spent part of the next day going around the island for a day-after shoot. I recommend post-wedding photos for everyone, because hey, why not get more photos? But especially for destination weddings. There’s nothing left to worry about — you can just relax and have fun together. I’ll be having fun in any case.