Boston Public Library Wedding: Erika and Chip

What a journey. First, they got married, with an uninvited guest named Hurricane Irene. All of the emotion was there, family and friends who had come in town for the wedding managed to make it despite the transportation shut down, but one thing was missing — a really good party.

So Erika and Chip turned to their home town, Boston, and threw a fantastic wedding at the Boston Public Library. And they partied, hard. Not just with dancing, but sharing joy with family, casting a giddy eye to the cloudless sky, and even getting a little crazy and showing some books who’s boss.

(Disclaimer again from the son of a librarian: These aren’t library books. We bought them from the pulping pile for this purpose.)

It was an honor and a pleasure to spend more than two years planning, laughing, and telling stories with Erika and Chip. Thanks to Jason Kan for joining me on this chapter, and doing great work.