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Battery Gardens Wedding: Michelle and Michael

One of the things that makes being a wedding photographer feel special is that I so often get to go out and document the formation of a new family. Who knows the trials and strength and joy that lie ahead, but I get to capture the moment when it all coalesces in one giant celebration. This was doubly so with Michelle and Michael, who were not only celebrating their marriage, but their new role as soon-to-be parents. And it was a celebration — at the start of the day, neither of them new the sex their baby would be, but one person did know — the cake-baker. They sent the hospital notice unopened to the baker, who would make the frosting inside blue if it was a boy, and pink if it was a girl. I’ve seen more than 400 cake-cuttings in my time, but none were as meaningful as this one.

Which one was it? Look below and you’ll find out…

Thanks to the awesome Jashim Jalal for second-shooting!


Battery Gardens Wedding: Kim and Korbinian

I was boarding a plane to Munich this past December when I saw a couple out of the corner of my eye. The first thing that registered was “Man, that’s a good-looking couple.” It took about three more seconds before I actually fully saw them and realized — wait a second — I’m shooting their wedding! Only I would bump into one of my couples in Munich.

But it’s not as unlikely as it seems. Kim is American by birth and Korbinian is German, and they both live in Munich. With so many of Kim’s friends and family here, I can only imagine the frequent flier miles they rack up. Due to their schedule, we’d done their engagement shoot the year before at mid-day on one of the hottest Manhattan days in years, and perhaps to make up for it the weather for their wedding was nice and cool, threatening rain at first but opening up into a partly cloudy day that made for another spectacular Battery Gardens sunset.

I know a lot of photographers think that the reception isn’t as integral a part of the day as the ceremony and portraits, but it’s weddings like this that remind me that the party is every bit as important. Before the ceremony, there’s still so much to worry about, from eyeing the weather to making sure about the timing and a thousand other things, and the ceremony at the gorgeous Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Steon is so personal and intimate, but to then see a couple get to unwind, laugh, cry, and dance, dance, dance with people they love and haven’t seen together in so long is a beautiful process. And boy, could they dance.
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