A Year of Fantastic Weddings

It’s important to me to make all my weddings available for people to view, except in cases where the couple have expressly wished for me not to. I do this to show how I tell different sorts of stories, and also to show that every time I do a wedding, it’s one that I want to be proud of and work on 110 percent. For me, every wedding is a “portfolio wedding.” This post will be continually updated as the year goes on, but here are weddings from the last 12 months (in reverse chronological order):


Sonya and David, 6/3/12, Alger House

Danielle and Spencer, 5/26/12, Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Mexico

Kathryn and Mark, 3/30/12, TriBeCa Rooftop

Heather and Peter, 3/24/12, TriBeCa Rooftop

Mishella and Igor, 3/18/12, Stage 6 Steiner Studios


Samantha and Gary, 12/10/11, Hong Kong Four Seasons

Liz and Anthony, 11/11/11, Liberty House

Gina and Gary, 11/5/11, Renaissance Aruba Resort

Yelena and Ben, 10/30/11, Guastivino’s

Anne and Griffin, 10/9/11, New York Botanic Gardens Stone Mill

Lindsay and Ron, 10/8/11, Fox Hollow

Cathy and Glen, 10/1/11, Central Park Boathouse

Amanda and Bennett, 9/24/11, Tabrizi’s in Baltimore

Jessica and Brian, 9/18/11, Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge

Sharon and Sam, 9/17/11, Seawane Club

Kim and Korbinian, 9/10/11, Battery Gardens

Lindsey and Adam, 9/4/11, Tappan Hill Mansion

Erika and Chip, 8/27/11, Hurricane Irene wedding

Yvonne and Clyde, 8/26/11, The Palace at Somerset Park

Ida and Erjon, 8/20/11, Crest Hollow Country Club

Kim and Esteban, 8/13/11, Loyola Marymount (California)

Meredith and Joe, 8/7/11, Pleasantdale Chateau

Joanna and Angel, 8/6/11, Woodbury Country Club

Marsida and Genc, 7/24/11, The Sand Castle

Claire and Johnny, 7/5/11, Central Park Conservatory Garden

Mila and Igor, 7/3/11, Studio 450

Stephanie and Kevin, 7/2/11, Valcour, NY

Leonor and Ben, 6/26/11, Central Park Boathouse

Tiffany and Bartow, 6/24/11, Gramercy Vineyards

Jackie and Anthony, 6/18/11, Cescaphe Ballroom (Philadelphia)

Christine and Gaetano, 6/12/11, Tappan Hill Mansion

Ali and Doug, 6/11/11, Studio Square

Lauren and Michael, 5/28/11, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens (Virginia)

Kim and Dinesh, 5/27/11, Gotham Hall

Cindy and Sharvin, 5/27/11, Studio 450

Stephanie and Joe, 5/21/11, Grounds for Scupture

Tara and Ramin, 5/14/11, The Hyatt Regency

Maly and Craig, 5/7/11, The Metropolitain Building