Marcus and Kathy’s Central Park (surprise) elopement

It’s not often that I have a wedding date marked off on my calendar six months before the bride does. But Marcus and Kathy’s story is not your average wedding.

Marcus and Kathy are from Germany, and Marcus is a fan of my work, so he said “Hey, you know what would be fun? Let’s go to New York City! And while we’re there, Ryan can take some portraits of us.” Kathy loved New York and was working on improving her English, so it sounded good to her.

But Marcus had much deeper plans. He wanted to propose. So we planned together where the perfect spot would be, somewhere beautiful and as secluded as you can get in Manhattan. I would lead them in, taking portraits along the way and getting them comfortable. And then, when I said “Oh, look at this, this is the perfect spot!” Marcus would pretend to tie his shoe, kneel down to tie it, and pull out the ring.

Everything was working great. It was a beautiful day, as perfect as you could want. The park was green and lush, but not packed with people. I took them on a meandering path as we took photos, and came to a beautiful, secluded glade.

“Wow,” I said. “This is the perfect spot.”

“Yeah, it’s great!”

I waited. Nothing. “Ok, let’s take some photos here, and then I know an even better spot down the path a bit!”

“Well, look at this, what a spot! This spot is just perfect!”


Now I was getting a little nervous. Was the plan worked out well enough? I know that even the most enthusiastic proposal is such a huge leap, there’s always a moment like before you’re going to jump into cold water on a hot day. There’s nothing you want more, but you pause. I know this, so we continue walking. Last year I’d taught a workshop in this area, and some of the students said they found an amazing glen with a waterfall, stonework, all sorts of things you don’t expect to find in Manhattan. But I was busy and never saw it.

We kept walking, and there it was. The perfect spot. I set them up and said “Ok, guys, I want to to give a big hug.” And they did, and it was beautiful because they’re so in love. But really I wanted them to hug so Kathy couldn’t see me as I wandered behind. I signaled Marcus wordlessly.

Here, right?

Yeah, I got this.

He got down to his knees and said … well, it was all German, but it sounded very romantic. Tears, instantly. Joy, laughter, disbelief. Even bigger hugs. I absolutely love photographing surprise engagements just to be a part of this crucial moment.

But Marcus’s plan went deeper. He gave it a while, let the whole “I’m marrying this guy!” thing set in, and then he asked the real question: “Will you marry me … Wednesday? Here? In New York?”

She considered it, “Marcus, I’d love to, but I can’t get married without my parents here, they’re so important to me. And your brother, he’s traveling in Spain, it would kill him to miss it.”

He smiled. “Yes, we should ask my parents. We’re in luck! They’re here. And my brother? He’s not in Spain. He’s here.”

Woah. Marcus had planned it all out. He’d actually hired me six months earlier not just for the portraits, not just to capture the proposal, but for the wedding as well. It was all set … it just needed a bride.

She agreed. And that set about a whirlwind of emotion and shoes and dresses and more emotion, going through the entire process a bride usually goes through in six to 12 months in just a few days. So when we met on another glorious Central Park day, all of it was raw and powerful and beautiful.

It was an honor to tell this story and a pleasure to spend this time with Marcus, Kathy, and their families. And thankfully for the wedding day I brought along my own German, Stefy Hilmer, to help shoot and translate. I think I may need some more of this Germany experience, but more on that later.

Paul Rowland - A fantastic post, Ryan. This IS your “Avedon” image: So memorable & different, yet classic at the same time.

yuriy - Beautiful as always!!

Elissa - Yay! I can see your post now :) And all of the photos are beautiful, and the entire story is beautiful!!

Anne - Amazing as usual.

Fabrice Drevon - Oh yes Ryan… Really impressive.
Bravo !

Andy Stenz - My wife would have killed me if I had tried that. It’s beautiful and wonderful and tear inducing no doubt. Amazing job as always Ryan. Love the family and bridal party silhouette shout.

Jean Loper - What a beautiful couple and superb photography!!!!!!!

Hannah Chester - This literally gave me goosebumps. What an amazing story – and how lucky are you to get to shoot it? <3

Maura V. Kelley - That last shot? Epic.

Sara Kelly Johns - What a remarkable, romantic story that Ryan documented! Wedding photojournalism at its best!

Sue Kowalski - I could read his stories all day, Sara Kelly Johns…i feel like I am TALKING to him….amazing! thanks for letting us share!

Rammal Mehmud - Such an emotion-jerker yr anecdote & shots are! Love love love!

Rudy Conrad - completely stunning work Ryan…I like you less every time you post photos :)

Torry Keane - From one photographer to another ” You are the best at what you do,” Cheers!

Manel Tamayo - Fantastic post in a fantastic location, Ryan !!!

Meg - LOVED all your shots. Her dress was absolutely gorgeous. And I loved reading about them. perfect. awesome.

Joachim Kolender - Wunderschöne Fotos! Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland :-)

Emily - Love the photos & the story. And I love that you attract such a lovely variety of real people. Everyone always looks so genuine & happy & real. Love that.

Bartosz Gawlik - Really impresive and inspirational! Congratulations! Pozdrowienia z Polski!

Max - I haven’t commented on your site for a while… But this is f*cking unreal!!!!!!!! What to keep progressing Ryan!

Zak Hussain - You have captured emotions of this couple in such a terrific way, it is unbelievable. Well done !

Renard Richie - Ryan, you’re just on another level. Great job! wow.

Kevin - Wow! Another beautiful story moment captured. Super job as always Ryan :)

Martin Hambleton - Totally fab story. Completely romantic. And you took it all in your stride and shot another great wedding – though no surprise there.

Kristopher Gerner - Another beautifully photographed wedding. I really love the last taxi shot!

Juya - Nice clicks!! :D

Bastian - The story makes the images so much stronger. Go Ryan and learn some German. We are everywhere and much better than our fame. Keep up the amazing work. You are an inspiration.

Quynh - I’m new to photography and I only discovered you a few days ago. Absolutely love your work. What a beautiful story. Brought tears to my eyes.

A Hard Night’s Day

130506 185804 85mm f8

A hidden advantage of the Nikon D4’s live view — being able to compose a shot like this without burning out your retinas. ISO 100, 1/8000th, f/8 — the sun, it don’t mess around.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.4G

Dale Lempa - Way cool. Nice composition with the three vertical elements in the corner decreasing in height. I also like the color; very interesting for a sunset shot.

Kimo Okimo - impressive work..

Urška Majer - Amazing!

Gavin Wyatt - Really nice idea.

Renard Richie - Sometimes I do not like you lol.

Martin Hambleton - I love me a good silhouette… and that is a VERY good silhouette. Lots for the eye to explore and enjoy, without distracting from the couple.

Stefy Hilmer - Well done, Mr. Brenizer. ;o)

Yang Heng - 漂亮

Voyteck - wow! this is awesome!

Amir - Great composition and a great silhouette!

Steve Brill - Beautiful image, with great composition and perfectly exposed. Love it!

Westminster Hotel Wedding: April and Rich

I always love Filipino weddings, because I feel that the culture has its priorities in the right place — deep family ties, celebrating these ties through dancing, and, of course, documenting all of this through photography. B&H doesn’t have as many DSLRs as a large Filipino wedding reception.

April and Rich had deep connections to both sides of the Hudson river, so the ceremony was at the Fourth Universalist Society church in Manhattan, and they decorated the space at the Westminster hotel to meet a classy, modern design for their reception.

The emotions were on the surface, as Rich’s tear ducts had a good workout. In this case, there was no metaphor behind the idea of forming a new family, as tender moments with Rich’s daughter and April showed. Thank you again for letting me (and assistant Braham Rhodes) tell this story.

Valentina Weddings - Amazing use of flash especially the bridesmaids with the backdrop and the first dance shots. The photos are full of emotion and capture the day perfectly. Great shoes also, every brides dream!! Well done.

kristi wright - I love the shot of the bm fixing the bride’s veil during the ceremony. There are so many beautiful moments here.

Fabrice Drevon - Another fab series Ryan…

They must be so amazed by your work.

Inspiring as always.

Derek Martinez - You captured their emotional and beautiful wedding perfectly. Amazing work as always Ryan!

Diego - U killed it again!!!

Shiraz Chanawala - Amazing sir.

Dale Lempa - Beautiful documentary style; awesome reception lighting.

Lorenzo Photography - Brilliant set and masterful flash work. My favourite has to be the contrast between the bridesmaids legs and MUA. Just brilliant!

Martin Hambleton - I just love those two shots of the groom when he sees the bride for the first time. They’re what documentary photography is all about.

Mario Colli - You are insanely talented ;) Great work here.

Amir - Like the bridesmaids composite shot. Nicely executed.

Craig Cacchioli - Lovely set of emotional photos. Well done.

Oscar Rellan - Love this picts, beautiful series. Congratulations!!!

Chris Snowden - Awesome photography as always. Amazing work Ryan!

A New York Story

130508 142002 85mm f1 6B Edit

I try to be a storyteller, but it’s an amorphous thing. We all have a story, sure, but what was the story of your today? Was it just some stuff that happened? Was it something you learned? Something you felt? What will the story be when you look back on it later?

They aren’t simple questions, and that’s just a random day … a Wednesday, even. How do you tell the story of a place like New York? There have been thousands upon thousands of attempts, and they scratch just the surface’s surface of the complexity and the dynamics of this crazy town. Last night I saw a beautiful woman walk by openly sobbing. That, I thought, was a New York story. In the small town I grew up in, we keep our tears and our strangers separate. In New York, people’s pain is in your point, and the pain itself is part of the point. The grind of New York life is perhaps the most pervading part of the story, a rock that we dash ourselves against and that either whittles or breaks us. There’s a reason that if you make it here you can make it anywhere, or as a more recent muse put it “8 million stories, out there in the naked city. It’s a pity, half of y’all won’t make it…”

There are reasons that shooting hundreds of weddings in New York have turned me into a problem solver. We have problems. It’s stressful enough just living here, even when you aren’t planning a wedding.

Or when you’re just trying to get around. Kate and Andy were married at the Top of the Rock today, and while the rain parted for their ceremony, it returned with a vengeance just after, right in time to deal with epic New York Rainy-Day Traffic. The limo driver, who had a habit of leaving us several blocks from our destinations in the pouring rain, also decided to drive right by Times Square and put us in the modern-day Bermuda Triangle of Lincoln Tunnel traffic (for out-of-towners, picture a parking lot, except with fewer moving cars). This is when it’s good for us to remember that you might not always be having fun when a photo session starts. Not only do you have the natural nervousness of being in front of the camera, you might have had to plan a complicated day, get waylaid by a limo driver, have to walk several blocks on shoes you swear are medieval torture devices … and then be happy?

But then you find your place. You hold on to the partner you crossed an ocean just to declare your love and devotion to. An iconic New York taxi drives by and reflects the American flag back into the camera. And then, at incredible odds another one drives by at just the right place as well. Yellow and red and blue all sorts of love cutting through the gray, rainy day. And you remember the most important part of the New York story: New York is hard … but man is it cool.

Thank you Kate and Andy for letting me share in your story today.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.4G

David @ AiP Creative Photography - This is just too cool. Stop it! Too much amazement from just one photographer makes most of us look bad ;) Really, this shows that you are more than a photographer. You are a designer; someone who sees beyond what is and creates what could be.

Craig Cacchioli - Love the red and blue reflecting in the windshield of this shot

David Nall - This is just too cool. Stop it! Too much amazement from just one photographer makes most of us look bad ;) Really, this shows that you are more than a photographer. You are a designer; someone who sees beyond what is and creates what could be.

Dennis Pike - This is an awesome photo, and an awesome story to accompany it… and as you have said before, and I can attest to… shooting a wedding in NYC is like playing a video game on hardcore mode.

Dale Lempa - Way cool. Thanks for the write up, too!

rich - beautifully shot and written.

Thomas Roessler - well, the “decisive moment”.

Neil Redfern - Such a cool shot – this is crying out to be printed BIG!

Martino Studioboda - Great photos, great feeling. Elegance and creativity. How did you take the group portrait of the bride and her friends? Looks like each of the girls had her private flash! Amazing.

Amir | Kandid Weddings Photography - Very nicely composed. Cool indeed!

fazlay rabbi - it will be great honor for me.i just wanna work with you as an assistant,not for money.wanna just learn something from you.

The Moment Always Wins

130504 224936 28mm f2 5F

What we must remember as photographers that while we try our hardest to bring technical perfection to an image, there are other elements that are far more important: Emotion, storytelling, that perfect moment. At this moment, a groomsman was readying himself to jump into the groom’s arms on the dance floor. Connection, emotion, action.

This photo was taken at an adjusted ISO of 72,400.

I knew I wanted to get a lot of frames to tell the story of running and jumping, but I was shooting in a dark, hard-to-light area, so I knew my flash couldn’t keep up. I had my shutter speed at 1/250th to catch action, I had my aperture at f/2.5 so as not to be too shallow, so the only place to go up was ISO. I set my flash to a bit lower power setting to catch more frames, but still it had been working hard so it didn’t catch very many. And the adjusted ISO of the non-fired frames brings us to 72,400.

It’s a remarkable feat of the Nikon D4 and Lightroom that such an ISO even results in a recognizable photo. But of course there’s still plenty of grain. Did the guests mind? Does it ruin a moment between loved ones, an expression of years of fun and play and connection? Nope — whenever these shots came up on the same-day edit screen, people kept yelling “Guys, you have to see this!”

Yes, I’m a very technical photographer, and teach technique. Photography is both an art and a craft, and we do our best with both. But the moment always wins.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Nikon 28mm f/1.8G

Stefy Hilmer - Definitely, the moment wins!
Well written. As always.

John Wiley - Well said and well played!

Craig Cacchioli - To even capture these moments is something to treasure. Good point well made…

Dale Lempa - Well done. But I would argue that you didn’t necessarily sacrifice technique for the sake of the moment–it was, in fact, well-honed technique that even allowed you to get this shot in the first place.

Ally - Brilliant. and such an important reminder for wedding season!

A Matter of Perspective

130501 140556 12mm f5 6 Edit

I can’t wait to tell this full story once I’m done processing all the photos, but for now all I’ll say is that this fantastic bride had a heck of a week…

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6
Light: Westcott IceLight

Dale Lempa - Sweet shot. Can’t wait to hear (and see) the story you’ve got.

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - I’ve been using the Ice Light for a couple of month now, and I love it. I’ll be interested to see your view on it.

Geoff Duncan - Dude. This is wicked! Nice work.

Craig Cacchioli - Ice cool shot :)

Ashley - Fantastic!

Derek - Beautiful work Ryan.

Come With Me If You Want to Be Awesome

130426 182111 35mm f8 Edit

At play in the peaceful, pastoral fields of … Manhattan.

I set a new record for most-photos-per-minute at this session, for reasons I can explain later. But their story continues (for me) tomorrow…

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Sigma 35mm f/1.4

Dale Lempa - Awesome composition. Great balance combined with dynamic movement.

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - I cannot wait to see your review of this lens, Fantastic photo!

Ashley - Love this – can’t wait to see more!

Chris Snowden - Inspiringly beautiful work as ever.

Robert - Awesome as allways!

I have i quastion I would love if you could help me with since you are the Nikon master!
I am getting myselfe a new camera and it stands between the old Nikon D3S or the new D800.. What to do? Please guide me oh mighty master : )


Straight and Narrow

130404 210410 35mm f1 6 Edit

Lightroom 5 beta is out, and for once Adobe’s magical new promised tools really are pretty magical. The one-click straightening tool actually does a great job in a one-second edit, and the parallel lines of New York’s architecture thanks it.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Sigma 35mm f/1.4

rich - one touch straightening? i have to check this out!! amazing shot ryan!

Ryan - I would love to see the before. I’ve seen some of scott kelby’s info on the beta, and it looks great.

Dennis Pike - I’m almost more impressed that you were able to get such an empty shot of Washington Square Park

Jason - Great shot Ryan! I would love to know your thoughts on that Sigma 35? Better than the Nikon?

David @ Married to My Camera - I couldn’t agree more! Making these kind of corrections in Photoshop would be time-consuming. Adobe are clearly listening to photographers and responding to their needs.

Giorgio Guglielmino - Hi, for sure Lightroom is a great tools but you pictrures is great too, i really like the composition and the backlight behind them.

Kim Rix - Ryan, you’ve inspired me to try this shot at Marble Arch in London. Are you familiar with Marble Arch?

bycostello - stunning images

Derek - Beautiful shot Ryan

York Place Studios - That straightening tool sounds awesome :) and it’s such a beautiful image. Very romantic!

Blossom explosion

Group 1 pano DSC 2516 pano DSC 2581 56 images

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: 56-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G (equivalent of 22mm f/0.36 according to Brett’s calculator)

Urška Majer - This is simply stunning!

yuriy - Wonderful as always Mr Ryan!

Dale Lempa - Way cool. This scene really benefits from your technique.

Sean Shimmel - 56 of anything is a lot.

Way to go.

Rodrigo Pizarro - f/0.36 OMG

Oscar Campos - wow that looks awesome!

David @ AiP Creative Photography - Surreal. Yeah, I’d say that looks like about f/0.36!

haryadi be - Cool ! Always

Arpit - Hi Ryan,
Very nice photo. I remember a while ago you said you are working on a mother of all brenizer panorama tutorial which will also involve tips on incorporating movement. Any chance of that hitting the rentals anytime soon ?

Your work is quite phenomenal by the way. I got the full appreciation of how hard shooting a wedding could be when I tried to capture some candid shots in a friends wedding the other day .. phew !


Dewan Demmer - Pretty cool image, great colours and really enjoy the way it all simply works.

Ernie Savarese - WOW… that is such a cool image and such a brilliant effect!!..I need to find a tree like that now!! hahah

Craig Cacchioli - Wowwee, love the way the effect does that to the blossoms

David @ Married to My Camera - Love the way your method has messed with the scale in this shot. And of course a beautiful metaphor for the couples blossoming love!

Rik Pennington - Crazy good, love it!

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - 56 shots, something I wish I could do with my D800, it will take me a good 10 minutes to do that. I do miss my D3s for the YOU method :(

Kim Rix Photography - Ryan, I have read your bio. It sounds like you’ve had an amazing life…you certainly are blessed. You must have some amazing stories to tell and one day, I would like to sit next to you at the dinner table to hear some of them!

Ariana Watts - Awesome shot – love what your Brenizer method does for it – gorgeous.

Derek Martinez - Nicely done sir!

Dominique / York Place Studios - Loving this image, so beautiful. The contrast between the blossom and blue sky really pop!

Chris Renton - Love it! Really striking image.

Michael - such a great shot and exactly what this technique is capable of!

Worth the wait


This image was a composite AND a panorama, but that wasn’t what made it so hard. No, it was the Universal Law of Shooting in NYC: When you have scouted a location, and the whole time you scouted there were no people there, and you really need no people to be there, right as you’re ready to shoot a hundred schoolchildren will flood the scene.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: 8-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G (equivalent of 42mm f/0.68 according to Brett’s calculator)

Ian Baker - It may well be Central Park, but what a sense of space and scale you have achieved. Excellent shot once again.

Photos By Rikki - Awesome shot Ryan!

Monica Justesen Photography - Gorgeous! Worth the wait.

Ashley - Turned out great!

Jorge Santiago Photography - I love this one.

Rachel - Haha! I’ve been there. Found the most beautiful wooden staircase to shoot on in Germany last year. Just stunning. Came back in the afternoon with the bride and groom and just as I was about to shoot a whole herd of school students on a music camp had to come up (and then back down) the stairs. The noise was deafening, the students seemed never ending. In the end I used a slow shutter speed, got the couple to stand really still and made the movement of the children part of it. Ended up getting a far better shot than I’d originally planned.

Love this image!!

Amir | Kandid Weddings Photography - Just catching up on some of your past posts Ryan. Very cool shot and nicely executed.

Foundry Wedding: Annie and Bill

I love a good party, and it seems like weddings at The Foundry are always fantastic parties. There must be some sort of neural connection between the preferences that make people love the dark brick and ironwork of the space and of a propensity to do the chicken wing on the dance floor. I don’t have to tell you that Annie and Bill were extremely fun; you’ll see that below. But they were also laid-back in a way that we forget New Yorkers can be, focused on just a great time with each other and their loved ones. In fact, family was so close that Bill’s sister served as Best Woman, complete with a tux just for the ceremony. Whether it was searching for the right-fitting female tux, a giant pile of cheese instead of wedding cake, or the beautiful hanging lights, they made sure that this day was their own, and I was happy to record it. Thanks to the fantastic Dave Paek for doing another great job as assistant.

Ashley - What a location!! Love the shot with grandma :)

Sara Kelly Johns - I LOVE the grandmother picture though so many are great.

Dale Lempa - Awesome frames. I love your warm, natural tones.

John Turner - Stunning Images from what looked like a Fantastic Day. And what a Venue, looks awesome!

Craig Cacchioli - Cracking photography as ever

Roque Gonzalez - awesome pictures

Matías Sanchez - hey, I love how do you light. Could you tell me how do you do this?

Ryan - Your first picture at the top is stunning… reminds me of something out of James Bond!

Toni Pallari - Can you tell me what is the light source of these last party shots?



My first ever (on purpose) double exposure. I’m always eager to try new ways of seeing.

Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5
Lens: Panasonic 25mm f/1.4

Cristian - Can’t absolutely understand how you pulled this of….. But it’s awesome!

If you plan in writng a blog post on how you did iit, it would be much appreciated!!!

By the way, if this kind of picture becomes famous as the already famous “Brenizer Method”….you need to come up with another name for this new thechnique! ;)

Brendan - You never cease to amaze me. Gorgeous.

Crt - WOW. Simply wow.

Ashley - Wow!! Love the tree branches!

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks Cristian! This technique is about as old as photography itself actually, I just wanted to add some meaning to it.

Sean Shimmel - Right-brained trippiness in all the best ways. Trying to figure out the clean silhouetting.

Here’s my own take on double vision but with a single snap.

Monica Justesen Photography - Holy friggin’ moly. This is absolutely insane in the most amazing way!

Frank Lu - I would like to know how he did it.

Carole Chen - This is amazing!!! Coincidentally just saw an article about this technique this morning and curious to try it out. :)

One from the weekend

A fantastic time with April and Rich…

Group 0 pano 130330 171141 85mm f1 4 pano 130330 171155 85mm f1 4 40 images

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Lens: 40-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G (equivalent of 33mm f/0.54 according to Brett’s calculator)

Chris - Smudged Photo - Great as always Ryan. Really going to have to try this at my next wedding!

Leigh Ann Pobiak - Lovely!

Dale Lempa - Nice! I love the out of focus willow branches mixed with the in focus willow branches.

rich - perfect use of the method – amazing dude!!

Anil Kumar - really good………..

Ashley - Beautiful!

Neil Redfern - Absolutely beautiful – such a peaceful image.

GM Studio - Lovely image!

What are your experiences with the Nikon 85 f1.4? I would like to by one too, just would like to have some advice first :)

rob villetto - nice image. great work. love the moment.

Chris Renton - Gorgeous photo – LOVE the shallow focus on the branches.

The Red Balloon


I’ve never actually worked with a big heart balloon on an engagement session before … seems a SoCal staple … so when Florencia and Jay brought one I figured we’d put a twist on it.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Nikon 135mm f/2 D DC

Luis Godinez - Love this photo.The balloon really adds the little extra that just makes it. And you are really making me want to buy the 135 f/2.

Dale Lempa - Nice! Love the pure simplicity.

Ashley - Love it – dramatic and simple!

Stage 6 at Steiner Studios Wedding: Anna and Steven

We’ve been having some pretty terrible weather in New York this year, but the grey, cold skies opened up for Anna and Steven’s wedding at Steiner Studios, giving us some time to traipse about Brooklyn. I love doing Russian weddings, even though it always reminds me how rusty my Russian has gotten since college (these days I am pretty much limited to being able to ask where the post office is.) There is so much focus on family, and it is always a great party, especially when Anna and Steven’s friends give a surprise (and surprisingly great) Russian pop performance at the reception. Thanks to Dave Paek for assisting!

Dale Lempa - Outstanding; I love the dramatic angles.

Dennis Pike - Epic work, sir.

Jason - Outstanding. You have the full gamut of talent, sir. Beautifully captured, all day long!

Bruno Diwakara - this is worth than a million photos sir,

Manel Tamayo - Superb coverage !!!

Vlad Rav - Great photos Ryan.

Daniel Love - Dude… may be your best set yet. Incredible.

Dave Paek - Hats off to you Ryan! We had a great time documenting this wedding and I’m always amazed when I see your end product!

Kyle Hepp - Ryan Brenizer! The one of them through the picture of the couple is amazing. But I’m confused…is that through a cardboard cutout or is it a reflection of them on a photograph? Anyways, awesome. Definitely Fearless!

Matt Ramage - Your work ASTOUNDS ME!! I’m always left in AWE!! p.s. I just watched the framed episode with you, and it was fantastic. I look forward to following you throughout the next few months before our wedding season starts here in Saskatchewan Canada.

Lorenzo Photography - Sensational as always. My next trip to NY will have to coincide with one of Ryan’s workshops!

David @ Married to My Camera - Such inspiration work Ryan, head and shoulders above anything else on the web. I’d love to attend one of your worships one day.

York Place Studios - Very dramatic work, love the use of light and angles.