Dana and Wes, May 31, 2008

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Dana and Wes made sure their wedding was a good time right from the start, arranging for transportation for all of their guests to and from the ceremony in Nyack, NY (which Wes’s family helped found in the 1600s!) Not having to drive made sure that people could get to know each other … and loosen up a bit … before the party even started. And what a party. The reception was on a yacht circling Manhattan and Liberty Island, and though it was large I’m amazed that the guests gyrations didn’t make it rock harder than it did.

You really can’t get nicer than this couple. How nice were they? They got me a wedding present!

Congratulations Dana and Wes!

lisa lebow - While most photogs concentrate on photoshopping faces-I think the bride might have appreciated it-if you had done some work in her underarm folds.

GingerLouise Clothing - Simply Beautiful!

John - Love your pictures. What slideshow software do you use?

Timoria and Bob engagement session

I knew that Timoria, a fantastic make-up artist, was going to come prepared for this engagement session, but I had no idea how prepared! Not only did they have multiple changes of clothing, but they had it planned out how they could safely shift from one to the other in public. We wanted to create a New York story for them, so we started at the Battery Gardens, where they will be getting married, to Times Square.

I am not sure if it’s possible to have more fun on an engagement session than we had.

It had to be done

Timoria practices her craft

Mark - Thank you for the wonderful blog! Your photos are just amazing, and I really enjoyed an interview with you I heard on a TWIP podcast.

I am looking for your advice as a fellow Nikonian and a wonderful photographer – I am going to Israel in a week. It’s going to be sunny and hot there. Since I have a 16 months old, I can’t get up before the dawn looking for the perfect light or wait for 30 minutes for a perfect sunset on the beach. Also, the country is celebrating its 60th birthday so the streets are going to be packed with people (I imagine).

I have D40 + 18-200mm VR + SB400. No primes. I also have Windows APE 6.0 and an access to someone’s computer with Nik software (Color FX 3.0, Viveza, etc.)

What would you recommend for me to do so I have a better chance coming back with decent photos of family, friends while attempting to capture “spirit” of the locations given the equipment/weather? Should I shoot in WB set to Sunny? Shoot in RAW and then adjust the WB? (I am ok with JPEG adjustments in APE, especially with help of Nik software but haven’t had luck with RAW). Get a prime (i.e. nifty fifty)?

I have been in Israel many times before so I am very comfortable with surroundings of this very beautiful country.

Thank you in advance,
mgur att yahoo dot com

Keith Goodman - You are a phenomenal photographer. Wish I could learn some stuff from you. AWESOME WORK!

karireneephotography - these are stunning.. shot with the D3??

Esthetically - Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Esthetically.

patrick t. - Such a great job with color in this session!

Presenting Jennifer and Scott

This was such a wonderful wedding. From a venue (the Burden Mansion), which felt more like a Roman villa than the Upper East Side, to a bride and groom with more joyful tears than I’ve ever seen to the craziest horah in human history, it was a joy to tag along with Carlos Andres Varela on this wedding. I haven’t second-shot a wedding in years, and it was wonderful to have the freedom of schedule to try new things. You can see a slideshow of my photos from the wedding here, but here are some favorites:

Link to slideshow

Presenting Manda and Luke

Manda and Luke were married on April 5, 2008, in the fantastic Waterview hall in Stevenson, Connecticut. As you might guess from the name, it has great views of the river. Luke was one of the coolest-headed grooms I’ve seen — “Why would I be worried?” he said, “I’m marrying Manda. Everything will be great.” It was an attitude that inspired me for my own wedding, which was the very next week. Click on the photo to view a slideshow of the wedding.

Quick booking note

Quick message to the newly engaged — if you plan on getting married on a Saturday in 2008, you’ll want to contact me soon. My free dates are few and far between once May begins. Any free spirits getting married on weekdays will probably have better luck, since my editorial and commercial clients tend to book with relatively little advanced notice.

Missy and Charlie — March 8, 2008

Congratulations Missy and Charlie!

Congratulations to Missy and Charlie! I couldn’t ask for a more fun, nicer and – let’s face it – adorable couple. They both flew in from Georgia for the wedding, so we shot the engagement session just two days before the ceremony! After a romp around midtown Manhattan, they were ready to be married in a classic ceremony in Westchester, followed by a great reception on the banks of the Hudson River. The only snag? About four inches of rain and 50 mile-per-hour winds — but that didn’t slow them down a bit.

Escalating Love


You Can Stand Under My Umbrella



Smile Like an Angel


A Sacred Institution

Sweet Sacred Bliss



You Wanna Piece of Me?

Purple Pose







new2mac - Ryan, Excellent capture of the wedding. Great composition.

ken - Ryan you rocked this wedding. I love how expressive your work is, and how varied your skills are. A renaissance-man photographer to be sure. It doesn’t seem like it happens very often that you get a photographer who has mastered many different flavors of photography – seems like everyone sticks with a strobist style, or an “all natural light, all the time” style, etc. Nice job. Your work is varied and you do it all very well. I bet this couple is super stoked!

Fotograf nunta Iasi - Very nice bride and excellent photos.

Dr. Bly, I Presume

A lot of the time in professional photography, it’s not just about getting results, but getting them under exceedingly tight constraints. I’d been hired to shoot an event where this professor had given a lecture … but I wasn’t brought in until after the lecture was over and everyone was eating dinner.

I wanted a portrait for the client to use, but there’s no need to inconvenience everyone. Before contacting her, I quickly scouted the location and found an area where one of the broad fluorescent light banks was out, which made for a nice, broad directional light from the upper left. With a narrow depth-of-field, the window would be an interesting backdrop — the shot was made, now I just needed the subject.

I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if I could take her portrait. “I’ll have you back in 90 seconds,” I said. They never believe that. I took her over to the mark, showed her which way she should angle her body, shot her first pose, give some quick direction and shot the results. 30 seconds of portraiture, and she was back eating dinner a minute later.

Depending on your definition, this Saturday I shot either my shortest or my longest wedding. Lane and Eva had a beautiful, intimate ceremony at the First Unitarian Church in Brooklyn Heights, but their reception won’t be until the fall. So this was just an hour or so of coverage, and then I mingled with guests at his apartment afterward … and, although not required, I couldn’t resist taking some more photos.

All I can say about Lane and Eva is that I’m glad I’m about to get married myself … anyone the least bit cynical about love might have to rethink themselves after seeing how clearly these two glow in each others’ presence. When they tell the detailed, funny story of how they met, it’s easy to see that they’ve already written the first chapter of a long, interesting story.

This was my first wedding with the Nikon D3, and it performed like a champ. If you look carefully through wedding photographers’ portfolios, you’ll find that ceremonies generally take up a fairly small fraction. That’s because there are a lot of constraints, light is poor, many of the shots are fairly standard, etc. So doing a shoot that’s just a ceremony is an artistic challenge, but I’m very happy with the results. The church was one of the very darkest I’ve shot in — about as dark as a room lit only by small votive candles, but the images are very clean. Before the ceremony, the groomsmen waited in a room that was pitch black except for one small light bulb, but I took it as an opportunity to play with hard, dramatic light.

This wedding was 100 percent photojournalistic; I never positioned the couple in any way.

Presenting Lane and Eva:

Now *that’s* a kiss


Lane, Eva, and Lane’s son finish the night with a group embrace.

koes - if my pictures are half as good as yours, i’d be a happy man

mel - great shots! i loveeeeee it man.
if u dont mind me asking ,how do you make those frame?
those vintage kind of frame?


Donavan - Ryan,

These are amazing.

Speaking of marriage, you and that D3 are a match made in heaven!

Keep up the stellar work!!!

Ana Cris Castro - Querido amigo gringo,

Estamos todas muito felizes por vcs, a Eva é uma verdadeira Eva!!! e voces formam o casal mais harmonioso que conheço. Que Deus os abençoe nessa nova etapa das suas vidas, com muito amor, compreensão e respeito. Um beijo grande pra todos, vc a Eva e o Jack.


wendy g - Just came from your post on DWF. I really like these! I can feel the warmth between the husband and wife – despite the cold weather ;-)
Thanks for sharing these,
wendy g

Tom Wilson - Your photographs would be improved significantly if they weren’t forced to carry the twenty pound “logo” on the bottom. Lighten up.

Heather and Noam — engagment session

I met this great couple through Heather’s mother, the head of a design firm I’ve worked with. It’s quite an honor for someone who works with photographers for a living to turn to you when it really counts! They’re really a great couple, and we had a fantastic time even though the weather was freezing. My big, sturdy professional gear has one big disadvantage here: It’s all metal, so it quickly becomes an icicle. But we soldiered on, and they can look back at these images on a cold day during their summer wedding (which I will also be shooting).

This first shot will be used by Lensbabies as part of their international advertising! More news as I see what they do with it:

Focus on Love

They really love Brooklyn, so I tried to work in some of their favorite haunts and the feeling of the city into this shoot.

Morning Routine

Under the Arch

That Look

As the City Melts Away

Why Don

Ring Me Up

Janelle - Wow, she totally reminds me of Claire Forlani :)

I've hit the New York Trifecta!

Birth of Venus … and Adonis

The New York Post ran a wedding story with one of my photos in it on Sunday, Jan. 13. This means I’ve now had photos in all three major New York papers — the New York Times, the Daily News, and now the Post. Time Out New York (kids), too — can you hear me knocking, New York Magazine?

I gave them a large amount of photos to choose from and, as is part of the natural arrangement between photographers and editors, they took my least favorite one. But let’s pretend they used the one above. Noah and Allison were such a great couple to work with, and I’m glad to see their wedding in print!

Jayarr - Can we see the picture?

ryanbrenizer - Try as I might, I can’t find the article online.

Bryan Pearson - Isn’t that the truth. No matter how much I beg and plead, the photo editor always takes my least favorite of any shoot. Always.

But at least they chose me! (At least thats what I tell myself to feel better.)