Bayard’s Wedding: Sarah and Alex

Sara and Alex’s wedding at Bayard’s was all about family … really. They struggled with changed dates and planning to make sure that Sarah’s parents could be there from the Philippines, and even just weeks before they still weren’t sure that they could make it. Thankfully they made it for a beautiful-but-freezing winter wedding. St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral is a gorgeous place for a ceremony — and apparently completely unheated. But whether in the church or on an icy Wall Street walk, there was little but ecstasy in Sarah and Alex’s minds, and it was infectious despite a few blue fingers.

Leo - Love it. That first dance shot is stupendous.

Jashim - Phenomenal imagery and storytelling…but the fact that you have a logo on your images makes me happy.

Sarah Adriano-Filatov - Thank you Ryan!
You did a great job! It was really a cold day. Thank you for your Great capture and it was really good that we had you booked even before our reception, parents visa and other details. It was all worth it.

Nash Ruiz - Wonderful work!!! Greetings from Spain!!!

Salex Photography - Amazing work as usual!

Dale Lempa - I love the mix of wide shots with details here.

Booth - I really love the wide shot of the church! Great photos

Amir - Love the backlit shot of the couple on the stairs. Great composition.

Ashley - You captured this beautifully! I feel like I was there!

Come With Me


I’m in Europe, where I’ve just got done teaching two London workshops and am currently taking two days in Paris. It was an absolute blast with fantastic attendees, and a fair share of beer and foosball (or “table football,” as it is called here.) But some of the things I stressed were pushing yourself into places you don’t usually go, and working with clients for creative results, so I thought “well, let’s actually practice what I’m preaching.”

As part of the trip, I was reunited with Claudia, a great model who moved off to Germany after getting married, but in the process she never had any wedding photos of her own! So we arranged a bridal session. The problem before me was this: I knew we could get gorgeous photos. She’s gorgeous. I could put her in decent window light and take a snap with my iPhone and it would be gorgeous. And if I’d been doing a couples’s shoot I knew I could find the uniqueness in their relationship. But her husband couldn’t make it from Germany, so how do you shoot a bridal model’s bridal photos without it looking like just another bridal modeling session she’s done? We’re celebrating the real thing here.

I reached back to an idea I’ve had for many years, and I realized this would be the perfect time to put it in practice. And, more importantly, it was fun. Belt Craft Studios was a perfect place for this, with all sorts of props that we re-appropriated, but also a bunch of stuff that we simply stole from our apartment. This was one of the tableaus we created. Thanks to Tatiana Breslow for assisting, and to Claudia for being an amazing bride, and really working her core strength for these.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6

Leo - This is simply awesome.

Serena Severtson - Pure genius. This shot is incredible.

Anja Hunt - awesome! please come to Germany for a workshop :) Frankfurt would be the perfect place :)

Nash Ruiz - Fantastic Shot!!!

Dave - That is an awesome shot … love it!

Dale Lempa - Very creative; nice “clouds.”

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - That photos is just incredible, what an amazing idea. Also looked like you must of had a lot of fun shooting it, ha ha…

Alessandro - Woah! Funny :D

Sara - This is so super cute Ryan! I freaking love it!

Emma - Genius! Such a creative idea.

Gelo Zayco - Amazing!

Branko - Great! No other words.

Highlands Country Club Wedding: Dana and Ben

Some funny things happen when you shoot more than 300 weddings in an area as diverse and sometimes nuts as the New York area. I’ve seen so many different cultures, so many different styles, and had just about everything thrown into my path, which has guided me as a photographer through the years. But I never anticipated that I might have the opportunity to become an expert at weddings affected by Hurricanes. I’m up to seven or so now, so I’m getting there.

Luckily for Dana and Ben’s wedding at the Highlands Country Club, Sandy was still on its way. But with a gaggle of guests from NYC and talks of bridges closing, it took a moment for people to say “OK, we can do this … we can have a fantastic time.”

And they did. Celebrating amidst the autumn leaves that had only hours left to stay on the trees, cooking S’mores with loved ones who made it through the travel hazards to laugh and dance and celebrate together, and knowing that, even if everyone did get stuck there for the weekend, it would have only been a continued adventure … these just added to the joy and thrill of the day.

Thanks to Dave Paek for helping out and braving the storm with me, despite living in Zone A.

Arol Horkavy - Very nice, Ryan! I love the dip shot with the leaves! Killer work as always.

Nash Ruiz - Great job Ryan, as always. Greetings from Spain.

Dennis Pike - awesome work, my friend. Love that shot among the falling leaves!

Dave Paek - Haha! Yes, thanks Ryan for remembering that I live in a flood zone! Fantastic time we had on this one – especially all the deers we dodged on the highway during the trip back home! :)

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - At the beginning of last year, I set it up a folder call “inspiration”, Wrong! I should have call it Brenizer… Fantastic shoots, I can see that you’re pushing the tilt and shift to the limit.

Ian Wallace - Awesome. Fantastic couple shots and wonderful candids. What more could you ask for!

Patrycja Wisniewska - Excellent shots, as usual :)

Alessandro Aimonetto - Stunning as ever!

stefan - hochzeitsfotograf schweiz - Good stuff Ryan! Those low light shots are great.

rich - crazy crazy crazy – the variety of techniques used – AMAZING. beautiful stuff!

Andrew hind - Amazing! Beautiful use of light!

SucHy Setyorini - Crazy!!! your work stunning as ever.