Photo of the Day: Inner Glow

Shakun and Tim’s connection is so visible at every glance. I loved the crazy golden glow that was coming in through the leaves, and did this 16-shot Brenizer method with the 85mm f/1.4. Then I said … “You know what? If there’s a glow like that, we might want to follow it.” And that led to this shot.

Photo(s) of the Day: Be a Freelenser

I recently spent a few days in Dallas to attend a workshop by Erik Clausen (better known as Poser), and meet some wedding photographer friends. Why I have more photographer friends in towns like Dallas and Denver than NYC is one of those mysteries of the Internet. Erik did a great job with the ambitious concept of throwing an entire fake wedding to show how he would handle it. He used one of the couples whose wedding he had shot, and they had absolutely unbelievable chemistry — even though it wasn’t a “real” wedding, their emotions and her tears were.

I have been blessed with a full shooting calendar for a very long time, so I don’t get to second-shoot much. Which is a shame since I don’t get to just mess around with low-hit-rate but cool techniques, such as just playing with freelensing during the formals. So I took this time to have some fun with it.

Wedding: Karen and Aaron at The Water’s Edge in Brooklyn

Yes, as the best man noted, their names rhyme. And frankly, I think that’s kind of awesome — it shows the natural chemistry these two have. Wedding days can bring stress and worries, particularly when the weather threatens rain on and off and whenever the words “highway traffic” is involved. But the moment that Karen saw Aaron, that was it. He was it. Smiles and connection and pink socks. And you know what? The rain held off, leaving only a gorgeous sunset over Manhattan, which the Water’s Edge has a great view of.

As someone whose name starts with Ryan Kelly can attest, the Irish throw some good parties. Mix that with Karen’s Greek heritage, including traditional dances at the reception, and things really get going. But their deep affection for their friends was represented in yet another way — a close friend of theirs, the amazing singer-songwriter Langhorne Slim, performed at the reception, a performance both touching and fun.

This day was so important and meaningful in ways that are theirs alone, so for a public message I will just say congratulations to you both.

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Photo of the Day: It’s all in the Timing

It's all in the Timing

Handstand on a dance floor? Awesome!

But wait … check out the velocity of that tie. That’s no handstand … it’s a backflip!

I’ve seen a lot on wedding dance floors, but that was my first backflip.

Photo of the Day: Bliss.


Colleen and Steve take a moment on the dock after getting married at his family’s camp.

Wedding: Elyse and David at Temple Emanu-el

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about tricks like flash composites or the Brenizer Method, which I tend to use to open up new possibilities in portraiture. But my real love in photography is storytelling, and Elyse and David knew that they wanted photojournalistic coverage that would just let them enjoy their day. And why not? Elyse started her career in journalism … usually I’m the one telling stories about having to explain myself to officials on a photo-shoot, but her journalistic adventures came up several times during the speeches.

I always enjoy temple weddings, because you combine all the importance of ceremony and ritual to the marriage process, from the separate receptions of the Kabbalas Panim, to the (rainy) march to the b’deken, and the ketubah signing all before the public ceremony, but you also have the relative calm that comes from having every moment of the wedding day in one place. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the temple is gorgeous. Fitting, of course, with these too. David, no one pulls off a Snoopy yarmulke like you do.


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Wedding: Sarah and Michael at Columbia University

Sarah and Michael had a gorgeous, elegant wedding in Columbia University’s Saint Paul’s Chapel, with a reception at the Faculty House. With the fantastic help of Nerissa and Jennifer at Private Receptions, every detail was stunning, from Sarah’s unbelievable dress to a cake with some of the finest detail work I’ve seen anywhere. The black and white theme added to the urban Manhattanite feel. Yet these two sophisticated New Yorkers both originally hail from Canada — warmth and kindness are the right kinds of stereotypes for a country to have, and Sarah and Michael and their families more than lived up to it. Not having grown up in America, they are making up for lost time, now on a tour of all the lower 48 states — a fantastic idea and something I would love to do.

Words don’t do justice to how gorgeous St. Paul’s Chapel is, the fun of an endlessly energetic band, or the relaxation of guests smoking hand-rolled cigars on a terrace in the summer night. Luckily I took some pictures.

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Photo of the Day: Video Light in Your Pocket

Video Light in Your Pocket

If you have an iPhone 4, apps like "Flash Light" can keep the LED flash on for a much stronger light than just using the display. If the best camera is the one that you have with you, so is the best off-camera light.

This works with any phone with an LED flash, as long as there’s a way to hack it to leave it on.

And it’s easy to mount:

100717-101405 24mm_f1.6

Wedding: Caroline and John at the OceanCliff Hotel

Did you know that Caroline was Old French for “bringer of the sun?” Probably not, because that’s completely untrue. But it should be. Everything was laid out and looking gorgeous at the OceanCliff Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island, with a view that lived up to the name, but the weather showed nothing but ominous rain clouds. That is, until right before Caroline was announced for the ceremony, when they had pared into brilliant — and actually, blinding — sunlight. Nice work!

The wedding was intimate and as peaceful as a wedding can get with a gaggle of gregarious children, including countless adorable flower girls, each with white dresses and ballet slippers. John and much of his family are from Ireland, which made for an interesting cross-cultural gathering that later included a Chinese tea ceremony, and Caroline changing into a traditional Chinese wedding gown. The wedding also featured culinary delights such as a gelato station, where I, at their urging, discovered that tirimisu gelato is probably the pinnacle of human achievement.

A gorgeous day I was happy to share in. Congratulations!

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Photo of the Day: Class Project

Ting and Weiji brought me back to my old stomping grounds of Columbia University for this shoot. Fun fact: Even though I didn’t start at Columbia until 2004, the last time I was in this room was 1997. Figure that one out.

Photo of the Day: Sunset in the Park

Not only do late-night engagement shoots make for some romantic lighting, it’s the only thing to do when the weather hits 103 degrees…

Wedding: Mary and Mike at Fox Hollow

There are few couples I’d rather get lost in the woods with than Mary and Mike … which is good because that’s exactly what happened.

They’d just finished a classic, emotional Catholic ceremony on Long Island, and we were all excited to head out and take some pictures with them and the extremely fun wedding party. So we went out to a forest reserve they’d heard was nice (with the groomsmen picking up drinks along the way, ensuring that the wedding party was getting more fun all the time), and it was great, but required a lot of walking along winding roads. We photographed some relatives … and then they left. We photographed the wedding party … and then they left. This left us with the opportunity to take intimate portraits with Mary and Mike, which I loved.

“Great!” I said. “Which way is out?”

“Hm, we’ve never been here before either…”

So the adventures continued for a bit, and we took some more portraits along the way. (There’s always a silver lining). But we got them back to the cocktail hour right on time, important because Mike was understandably excited about a full-sized rowboat filled with seafood that was the centerpiece.

The reception was incredibly raucous and fun — I’ve never seen such choreographed entrances, including a groomsman who borrowed some of my gear to pretend to be me, photographing the bridesmaid playing America’s Next Top Model. The giant dance floor was filled to capacity all night, mixing between modern and ethnic folk music with twisting and turning line dances that eventually took them outside into the night.

A wonderful time, congratulations you two!

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