Wedding: Sarah and Michael at Columbia University

Sarah and Michael had a gorgeous, elegant wedding in Columbia University’s Saint Paul’s Chapel, with a reception at the Faculty House. With the fantastic help of Nerissa and Jennifer at Private Receptions, every detail was stunning, from Sarah’s unbelievable dress to a cake with some of the finest detail work I’ve seen anywhere. The black and white theme added to the urban Manhattanite feel. Yet these two sophisticated New Yorkers both originally hail from Canada — warmth and kindness are the right kinds of stereotypes for a country to have, and Sarah and Michael and their families more than lived up to it. Not having grown up in America, they are making up for lost time, now on a tour of all the lower 48 states — a fantastic idea and something I would love to do.

Words don’t do justice to how gorgeous St. Paul’s Chapel is, the fun of an endlessly energetic band, or the relaxation of guests smoking hand-rolled cigars on a terrace in the summer night. Luckily I took some pictures.

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Brad Ross Photography - Another winner! That fan shot is such a perfect moment.

Tobiah Tayo - manchester - Wonderful photos!! Love the looking over the balcony one

Kat Braman - love that fan shot so much

Mark Parker - Birmingham Wedding Photographer - I always shoot a similar mirror shot . . or two . . or a dozen . . And somehow they never seem to look as good as yours. Great job!

Amber Hughes - So many wonderful moments… you really have a lovely way of capturing people. :)

James Murphy - Amazing stuff Ryan. Love that wide angle shot inside the church and the bride and groom next to the columns. Awesome job!

Lara Eichhorn - I love those first two photos a lot. People need to watch the slideshow, because woah – it’s awesome. I really like the light feel of the bride getting ready shots. So many sweet, real moments throughout the ceremony and reception too.

Dušan Smolnikar - I love the kid’s face :)))

Phil - The shot of the couple next to the pillars is spectacular! Plus the wide angle shot inside the church…wow!!!

Avelaine Scyrup - Wow, gorgeous photos of some gorgeous details! Yes, Canadians are awesome. Yay, us! :)

Stefano Choi - Thanks Ryan for continuing to deliver inspiration material in regards to composition, emotion and lighting. Awesome stuff!

Kelly Lee - OMG, her veil and dress are amazing! I can’t get over it! Of course, your work is great too ;-)

Timothy Kaldas - Ryan, excellent set as always. I love the storytelling and the shot of the cigar roller is a fantastic well-composed use of natural light. Also that final shot of the guy looking over the balcony is a perfect way to end it. Great stuff man.

Alex - Fantastic shots, Ryan. Beautiful couple, awesome venue. Just wow.

Becca Dilley - Everything looks so vibrant, and you captured such wonderful moments of emotion at the reception.

Erin Lassahn - This whole wedding is insanely stunning! What a fashionista bride! That dress and viel are killer and you really pulled out the high fashionw ork for their couples portraits…just amazing. And the baby shot is priceless!

Edric - Like always, your work is inspirational.

Maggie Rife - Love the cigar shots and the ones outside.

Paul Rowland - I always love your reception shots–they are fantastic.

Jason Lloyd - Great slideshow Ryan, some fabulous use of light – I’m finding your work quite inspirational at the moment!

Az - Beautiful set here Ryan.
I love the one of the man looking over the balcony.

Laszlo Bodnar - I love so much all of your photos. Use the lights perfectly. You are the best :)
eleven from Hungary

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Dave Chudian - The balcony shot is great. I also love the formal B&G shots. I really should start incorporating more off camera flash in my work.

Fer Juaristi - amazing wedding ryan, love you lighting and framing bro.

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you!

Eric Yerke - Love the photos from the speeches. Actually I love them all! You’re the man

Steve Koo - It’s always such a pleasure to look at your work, Ryan. Love your portraits, and the shot of the baby by the fan is pretty awesome.

gabe aceves - ryan, you are a master of both light and storytelling. there is genuine emotion in these that most photographers miss.

Joseph Yarrow Bristol Wedding Photographer - Ryan Brenizer, that baby/fan/mum shot is just so awesome!
I love it!
Well done and conrats to Sarah and Michael.

Laurie Peacock - If only I had pretty blue eyes like hers. Beautiful, lovely wedding, Ryan!

Jon - Quality as usual ! Love the alter shot

Eric Kotara - Expertly done. I really love this wedding! It’s very clean and classy.

Keith - Once again – gorgeous images


Photo of the Day: Video Light in Your Pocket

Video Light in Your Pocket

If you have an iPhone 4, apps like "Flash Light" can keep the LED flash on for a much stronger light than just using the display. If the best camera is the one that you have with you, so is the best off-camera light.

This works with any phone with an LED flash, as long as there’s a way to hack it to leave it on.

And it’s easy to mount:

100717-101405 24mm_f1.6

Dennis Pike - this is great, Ryan, love the setup shot too

Amber Hughes - Sweet – I love thinking outside the box for photos!

Az - Crazzzzy!!

Thao Trinh - Pure Genius! And yes, nice execution.

Aaron - love it.

Wedding: Caroline and John at the OceanCliff Hotel

Did you know that Caroline was Old French for “bringer of the sun?” Probably not, because that’s completely untrue. But it should be. Everything was laid out and looking gorgeous at the OceanCliff Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island, with a view that lived up to the name, but the weather showed nothing but ominous rain clouds. That is, until right before Caroline was announced for the ceremony, when they had pared into brilliant — and actually, blinding — sunlight. Nice work!

The wedding was intimate and as peaceful as a wedding can get with a gaggle of gregarious children, including countless adorable flower girls, each with white dresses and ballet slippers. John and much of his family are from Ireland, which made for an interesting cross-cultural gathering that later included a Chinese tea ceremony, and Caroline changing into a traditional Chinese wedding gown. The wedding also featured culinary delights such as a gelato station, where I, at their urging, discovered that tirimisu gelato is probably the pinnacle of human achievement.

A gorgeous day I was happy to share in. Congratulations!

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Josh Lamkin - Love that ring shot. And you’re a reception master. Great shots there too.

Matilda "Tilly" Beezley - Beautiful. Every single image. Beautiful. I envy your brides! They get to be the most beautiful women not only for the day, but you capture that so perfectly for the rest of their lives.
Love it Ryan.

Antonio - Great as always! I love the “master of light” flash portrait.

Brad Ross Photography - Another set of photos that tells a wonderful story. Such modern and clean work. Kudos!

Becca Dilley - I am amazed at how you incorporate so many different sources of light in different ways. Beautiful wedding, I am sure they are very happy!

Sally - Wow – that ring shot is seriously gorgeous, and all those flowergirls are so sweet! Looks like such a fun wedding!!

Kyle - FAvorites: Where the bride is walking down a hallway and you got her reflection. Laughing while they’re getting her veil off. And then the reflection table portrait. SO wonderful!

dani k - Love the moments. Lifting the veil, the laughter, the dancing. Amazing, as usual.

Timothy Kaldas - Ryan your composition in this set is outstanding. I love your many uses of reflections throughout it, especially the shot of the bride walking down the hall reflected in the picture frame on the right. The silhouette shot in the ballroom of the couple is gorgeous as well.

Molly - Beautiful images. Love the shot of the hackey-sacking ring bearer.

George L Koroneos - OK, the outdoor shot with the off-camera flash is so badass it hurts. Amazing work. The rest of the photos are stellar, and I love the attention you paid to the little kids. What a wonderful set of photos.

matt shumate - Proving again why you’re the man. The way you have to anticipate the once in a lifetime moments to get the results you do is remarkable. Such an inspiration.

Joey chandler - Nice – love the lighting and the colors. Really nice soft feeling in the whole collection. Great work.

Natalie Gibbs - I don’t know how you find so many funny kid moments, but I sure do love looking at them. Great, great work.

Shell Bailey - Your composition is amazing. The reflections, sillhouettes, & lighting- I think you could make anything look beautiful.

Chantal - I love her climbing out from under that veil. Oh and your kid shots at the reception have perfect light.. I adore those ballet slippers.

Jen - Gorgeous! The colors of the ring shot are fantastic, and the gaggle of gorgeous gals in their petal-filled frocks are precious. The richness and clarity of your images is so inspiring!

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you!

Agustín Samper - Your photos are amazing!. Not only these, all of your work!!. I really, really envy you.

LaKaye Mbah - Another lovely wedding! I love how you’re able to capture the moments. The kids are hilarious!

Saskia - I love, love, love the one with the flowergirl and the curtain blowing in the wind.

Photo of the Day: Class Project

Ting and Weiji brought me back to my old stomping grounds of Columbia University for this shoot. Fun fact: Even though I didn’t start at Columbia until 2004, the last time I was in this room was 1997. Figure that one out.

Mathias - Can I ask how you lit this photo?

Ryan Brenizer - Two Sb-900s behind them.

Sara Kelly Johns - Debate…Fordham v Columbia…did you win yours?

Ryan Brenizer - Yup!

Luis Godinez - Okay this is just awesome.

Wedding: Mary and Mike at Fox Hollow

There are few couples I’d rather get lost in the woods with than Mary and Mike … which is good because that’s exactly what happened.

They’d just finished a classic, emotional Catholic ceremony on Long Island, and we were all excited to head out and take some pictures with them and the extremely fun wedding party. So we went out to a forest reserve they’d heard was nice (with the groomsmen picking up drinks along the way, ensuring that the wedding party was getting more fun all the time), and it was great, but required a lot of walking along winding roads. We photographed some relatives … and then they left. We photographed the wedding party … and then they left. This left us with the opportunity to take intimate portraits with Mary and Mike, which I loved.

“Great!” I said. “Which way is out?”

“Hm, we’ve never been here before either…”

So the adventures continued for a bit, and we took some more portraits along the way. (There’s always a silver lining). But we got them back to the cocktail hour right on time, important because Mike was understandably excited about a full-sized rowboat filled with seafood that was the centerpiece.

The reception was incredibly raucous and fun — I’ve never seen such choreographed entrances, including a groomsman who borrowed some of my gear to pretend to be me, photographing the bridesmaid playing America’s Next Top Model. The giant dance floor was filled to capacity all night, mixing between modern and ethnic folk music with twisting and turning line dances that eventually took them outside into the night.

A wonderful time, congratulations you two!

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Sachin Khona - Wow!

Ryan, then bridal portait is just gorgeous and love the one of the couple together in the woods…


Ben Godkin - Your lighting is always inspiring! Love that Brenizer Method!

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Josh Lamkin - Great post. Love that falling petals shot, and the Brenizer Method is great in this one. NOTE: If you’re going to comment and say “You took a nice Brenizer Method on this one,” just make sure you don’t abbreviate Brenizer Method and then almost post that like I almost did. K great.

Heather Parker - I saw this last night when I got back from a shoot, and I told myself I was going to comment when I was more coherent…. the exit with the petals is caught at just the right moment. Your lighting technique is so natural. Your clients will be so happy with these shots!

Paul Rowland - Great images on the post–but WOW to the slideshow. The Method image of the reception venue is ridiculously awesome. Your work is a constant reminder that even some of the least noticed moments can be some of the most important.

Phill - Clearly this wedding was an absolute blast. Congratulations to Mary & Mike for a) getting married and b) getting married with such great aplomb. The photographs are amazing. That always goes without saying around here.

Stefano Choi - I absolutely love your use of light, genius.

Shella - Love the group shots, also the one with them in the woodsy area – very lovely.

Nick Key - great stuff here Ryan. love the Brenizer method

haring photography - Ryan! The third picture, the curtain + the window + light was a very smart idea!

Monika Szczepaniak - I love the shot with the bride on the bed.

Tenielle (Feather + Stone) - Loooove the couple shot on the path surrounded by greenery…..bliss!! Awesome job on this wedding….. looks like you had too much fun ;)

Eric Yerke - The essence of PJ.

Nessa K - I’m going to say what everyone else is — beautiful shots and amaazzinnnggg lighting!!

geneoh - loved this wedding, great work Ryan!

Heather Garland - AMAZING work as always!!

Luis Godinez - Ryan, the slideshow is amazing. It speaks greatly of you and your talent. I bet your clients were happy with it. Is this ‘day of’ slideshow?

Jared Tseng - The whole set is stunning!

Rebecca Pettigrew - Gorgeous as usual, Ryan! THIS is why everyone loves you… that… an you smell like chocolate chip cookies baked with AWESOME!

RaShea Drake - Ryan, you never cease to amaze me. The couple is gorgeous, and it’s truly a beautiful wedding!

Your understanding of light is quite awesome to behold!

Caroline Anne - Ryan, you are one of my top 10 favorite people.

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you Caroline. I’m gunning for top 5. Watch out, cousins!

Kaye Le Fleur - I love the way you have captured the light. Yum images

Kaye - The natural shots of the dancing are my favourite. These are awesome!!

Wedding: Ellen and Jeff at TriBeCa RoofTop

You know you’re going to have a gorgeous, classy wedding at the TriBeCa RoofTop, and Ellen and Jeff’s fantastic affair was no exception. After all, one of the biggest arbiters of style in Mahattan is how many random letters are capitalized in the middle of a place name, and no one beats TriBeCa RoofTop. We started the day at the new Trump SoHo Hotel (see?) and had a gorgeous, sunny day shining down on their ceremony. I don’t need to tell you how clearly in love these two were; all you have to do is look through all the different expressions below or on the slideshow. Tears to laughter in two seconds flat.

Ellen spent most of the day in a gorgeous gown, then joined her mother and aunt in a colorful, traditional Korean Hanbok. I was joined on this day by Kenny Pang, a friend and fellow NYC wedding photographer with great energy. As always, the photos below and in the slideshow are just the ones I took, since I use them for promotional purposes, but he did a great job covering the guys and the wedding day.

Congratulations, Ellen and Jeff!

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Tweets that mention Wedding: Ellen and Jeff at TriBeCa RoofTop » Ryan Brenizer — New York City Wedding Photographer -- - […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by AdoramaPix. AdoramaPix said: Beauty as always! RT @ryanbrenizer: ON THE BLOG: Wedding: Ellen and Jeff at TriBeCa RoofTop […]

Douglas Pettway - The angles you choose to shoot from are completely refreshing and your work is wonderful, as always. I love the photos of Jeff sneaking up on her. :)

Josh Lamkin - Really really nice, Ryan. And the beautiful locations don’t hurt the photos at all. Oh and question: all primes for this?

Luis Godinez - Ryan, you have such an amazing talent. You just know how to capture wonderful emotions in a visually stunning way. I always know when I see a Brenizer wedding. It’s like a fingerprint.

Cynthia - Beautiful and breathtaking as usual Ryan! Your photos are always amazing! The bride and groom are thrilled with them I am sure!!

alexis sweet - gorgeous as always. That first photo made my heart pitter patter. AMAZING

Kyle - Ryan, that first shot blows my mind! What is that? how did you do that? Is that free-lensing?

And then the first look pictures just make me want to be friends with the bride and groom. Totally awesome.

Ryan - That is the optical effect of the mirror on distance and a plain, fully attached, 85mm f/1.4. The first portrait is freelensed, though.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Where do I start? You’re freakin’ amazing, Ryan! I absolutely love the first photo. Well done!

Chris Honour - Great shots as always, Ryan. That staircase shot, through the railing is out of sight! I am guessing that you had it prefocused, but thats what us mere mortals would do… you… who knows. Hats off for the rest, too.

matt shumate - Thou art the man Ryan! Whether found or created, your use of light is impeccable. So, so good

Alicia Kennison - Love the emotion captured. Just great!

Jared Tseng - Awesome shots Ryan! Especially love the first look where the groom is running towards the bride with his tongue sticking out! Pretty sweet!

Kyle - Badass, Ryan. I rarely am curious enough to ask a question and then remember to come back and see if the photographer answer, but that first picture is still blowing my mind.

Rima - I know I’ve said it before, but your work really does inspire me. I love the first images especially

Ben Godkin - I love this wedding! Every shot is so dramatic and impact-full. You are the kings of moments!

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you all!

gabe aceves - Haha. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the cake shots. You are a master of light sir.

bien.argonza - Wow! The reception is so exceptional, even the lighting is awesome. The angle of the picture is also amazing!

MAURONSTER - wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great great great !!!!! ;-)

Nessa K - I absolutely -adore- that first image. I love all of them, but I want to live in the first one. =)

Amber Black - Very unique perspectives! Excellent story telling!

Photo of the Day: Joy in the Machine

Joy in the Machine

This is a good example of how a simple light — two flashes on the ground aimed upward at a quarter power — can transform a scene. Of course, it was Michelle and Kunal who really sold it.

For comparison, here it is without the flash. The kind of place where people look at you funny when you stop to shoot there.

100705-204041 24mm_f2

Magnus - I love examples like this! Cuz it educates the non-photographers that we are not that mad after all :)

Chris Fam - astonishing!

Claudette carracedo photo - Luv everything about this!

Tweets that mention Photo of the Day: Joy in the Machine » Ryan Brenizer — New York City Wedding Photographer -- - […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ryan Brenizer. Ryan Brenizer said: ON THE BLOG: Photo of the Day: Joy in the Machine […]

Eric Kotara - Love that shot Ryan!!!

Mary Sylvia - …wow, beautiful.

MOHZAiCH Photography - Great comparison and awesome shot!

Nikki Welch - That first shot knocks my socks off. You are the master of OCF. Thanks for sharing w/o flash, too.

gabe aceves - Yep, this is awesome. So simple, yet an amazing look.

Magician London - Wow – that is incredible, I only have the flash that is stuck to my camera. Looks like I am missing out on some fantastic photo oppurtunities!


Photo of the Day: The Streets Aglow

The Streets Aglow

Shakun, Tim and I were shooting an engagement session in the park when I saw, several block away, the sunset light streaming perfectly down the middle of the street. This doesn’t happen very often, especially on the very *Eastern* edge of Manhattan. We had about 30 seconds before it went down too low.

Joe Sanfilippo - That is gorgeous!

Eric Kotara - WOW!!! Ryan, this is an awesome image.

Cate - This is amazing! The other neat part; it is so neat to see how excited you are to shoot each couple and how you search for a moment, image, or shot each time. The photog industry needs more of that inspiration and passion.

Alexander Koste - What an instant surprise, and timing :) Love the picture!

gabe aceves - damn homey. this is stunning.

Daniel stark - This is an amazing image! Perfect timing and comp! Love how they’re framed in by two little green traffic lights!

Jon M - Wow, just wow.

Dennis Pike - Great shot Ryan

Ryan - No, July 1. But close enough, I suppose.

Tweets that mention Photo of the Day: The Streets Aglow » Ryan Brenizer — New York City Wedding Photographer -- - […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Seshu. Seshu said: RT @ryanbrenizer: ON THE BLOG: Photo of the Day: The Streets Aglow […]

maureen ganley - Simply Beautiful! Made for the movies

Tom - God damn that is beautiful.

bien.argonza - Perfectly amazing! No other photographer can match this exact timing. Stunning shot, Ryan. Good Job!

Max - Mr. Brenizer,


adam @ - Awesome shot. Only photographers realize how fast sunsets go down!

Photo of the Day: Inner Glow » Ryan Brenizer — New York City Wedding Photographer - […] Shakun and Tim’s connection is so visible at every glance. I loved the crazy golden glow that was coming in through the leaves, and did this 16-shot Brenizer method with the 85mm f/1.4. Then I said … “You know what? If there’s a glow like that, we might want to follow it.” And that led to this shot. […]

Michele - Wow. Absolutely beautiful (as always) Ryan.

Tara Sharma - Wow, this is insanely awesome.

Marie Lloyd - This is absolutely fab – I love your blog and this is the reason why! :)

Jason - Seriously awesome. Soooo well done.

Christine Moffatt - This is absolutely beautiful…gorgeous actually:)

Wedding: Alicia and Jason at the Fountainhead

I knew Alicia and Jason were awesome. I just didn’t know how awesome they were on the dance floor.

It was a hot, humid Memorial Day weekend for the two of them — as I took the flash composite group photo (in the slideshow), at any given time half of the party was in the shade fanning themselves. But that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time throughout the day, whether it was the carefully choreographed wedding party entrance, or Jason doing the Kid N’ Play routine from House Party.

A gorgeous couple and a gorgeous day (at least, when you look back in the photos and don’t have to feel the heat), but in the end it all comes down to the fun you have and the love you share. At the reception, the DJ asked a woman who had been married for more than 60 years to give advice to the newlyweds. She paused for only a moment: “Just keep dancing!”

Congratulations, you two. I’m sure you will.

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Martin - Phenomenal set. Gorgeous shots and great work. The shot on the steps with the green setting is a perfect example of your ‘method.’ Excellent.

Saskia - You have a way of making the ordinary so exraordinary. (I don’t mean the bride and groom of course) But I never thought that hairspray and blinds could be so lovely.

Phill - Funny to think that where I am, I often find myself saying (truthfully) that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves on a wedding day despite the cold and rain! Extra hot weather aside in this case, the images are blisteringly good. Fantastic, inspiring work as ever!

alexis sweet - Increds… as usual. So much emotion and action in this set!

Csanad - Stunning as always, Ryan! very inspiring. and the images of teh gusest with p&s camerous… tooo funny!

brooke trexler - LOVE these! You capture emotion so perfectly. The silhouette dancing shots are also fabulous :)

Alexander Gardner - Well, well that light misting that Alicia is receiving from her MUA is my favourite. Great stuff Ryan.

…followed by dancing. Get funky! ;)

Amy French - I love the emotion you captured in this wedding. The portraits are gorgeous and I love the shot on the steps!

Chris Lin - That is some crazy dancing you got there. One of the best part of Asian weddings, in my opinion, is the multiple dresses for the bride.

bien.argonza - Amazing as always, this captions are worth viewing for. The shot where Alicia dances, was my favorite. Cool!

ashlei schade - You always blow me away with your images. i LOVE the emotion you always manage to capture.

Avelaine Scyrup - Great set as always! Love the composite!

adam @ - I LOVE that reveal shot and her emotion afterwards. The shot on the stairs is amazing too! I love your work.

Photo of the Day: Beauty and the Rock Star

Beauty and the Rock Star

Matt and Val’s wedding reception featured Rock Band as entertainment, so I figured we’d work with it.

Flash composite, one SB-900 camera left at half power. through a Lumiquest Softbox.

Josh Lamkin - Yeah! So fun. What a great couple….I bet the wedding pics are rad.

Heber Vega - Hi Ryan,

Quick question, Which Lumiquest Softbox did you use? Softbox III?
Do you have any video, tutorial, blog post, about this tool?

Thank you in advance!

Joseph Yarrow Bristol Wedding Photographer - I love the way he’s just rocking out and she’s just there looking amazing and totally smitten by him!
Well done Ryan.

Chris Lin - Sweet. I’m pushing for Rock Band as a reception activity.

bien.argonza - This was a good shot, unique and suited for a cool couple. Rock on!

Eric Kotara - This is a great image; I am sure the bride and groom were thrilled with it.

Wedding: Missy and John at the Clarendon Ballroom

I can’t really overstate how much it meant to me to be able to document Missy and John’s wedding. It goes without saying that I love weddings. No one can see me bounding around a reception after a 16-hour day without knowing that. And it’s incredible to even attend the wedding of a friend you’ve shared so much with. Here were two of my closest college friends who, after so much searching, finally found each other (they didn’t even start dating until years after college).

Really, all you need to know is that that guest who cries at the wedding? That was me. Thank you, autofocus.

Now, there’s a lot of debate about shooting a friend’s wedding. Photography is a bit different than singing a song at the wedding (it was a stellar rendition of “the Origin of Love,” that did me in) — you are working non-stop every moment you’re on duty. But I know exactly what my friends want, and if I don’t do my best to give it to them, my recommendations would be … interesting for the budget. (“Hey! How do you feel like flying in a few people from across North America, and someone from Australia? Hello? Still there?”) So I work something out like this: I will shoot the heck out of the start of the day, portraits, and the ceremony … and as the night goes on and it’s time to dance, watch out. Remember that I pulled a hamstring this winter not out on a field somewhere, but doing a jumping high kick and landing in a split. Yes, it’s on.

John and I met on the first day of school, freshman year. He walked into my room and insulted my musical taste. Obviously, we became fast friends. For that, he was punished by having to room with a 19-year-old me sophomore year, and my endearing habits like getting chinese food on his B-52’s CD and letting my snooze alarm ring as much as 37 times in one day. But perhaps he will forgive me a bit, given that I also dragged him kicking and screaming onto the newspaper staff, where he would first meet Missy.

Missy is a force of journalistic nature. It’s kind of scary how fast she can knock out pieces — and this comes from someone who wrote his 75-page college thesis in a day and a half. I can’t even count how many different old and new media publications she writes for, so let’s just say all of them. She has seen me through so many ups and downs (we used to call it the Brenizer roller coaster), and I used to hang out with her so much after I had graduated, when I was living five hours away, that some of our mutual friends thought I was still in school.

The wedding was fantastic, and so very them, from excellent food and dancing at the Clarendon Ballroom in Arlington, VA, to countless quirky moments. Trust me, I don’t ask most brides to let me stick their ring inside a chicken nugget, nor the opportunity to shoot wedding shoes with The Cheat from Strong Bad web animations.

So here’s a taste of my crazy, wonderful friends:

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Two Ring Studios - Awesome work as usual. That close-up of her face is intense… killer lighting.

[WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

Erin Lassahn - What a fun wedding, and who knew at the Clarenden Ballroom! I live so close! Love the dip shot – a perfect angle!

Steve Koo - Love the silhouette shot in the hallway. Great work as always, Ryan!

brooke trexler - I love the portrait shot through her veil – these are all beautiful!

George L. Koroneos - Great low-light shots. Love the strobist look and feel. Awesome photos.

Dennis Pike - I love that since cameras now have stupid high ISO capabilities, it allows you to get more creative with what you use as your light source. You definitely utilize those capabilities to the fullest potential. Such as using a ceiling light to give a strong back light. And mixing tungsten and daylight color temperatures for some amazing colors. Top notch.

Chris Honour - Love that shot of her getting ready through the door way. Seems like I am really there…

Great shots as always, Ryan.

Chris Honour

Eliza Claire - I love your write-up of this wedding, the story is as good as the photos (which are beautiful, of course). Your love of Missy and John really come through in both your words and images. Great job!

Craig L - Damn, another good set. Like the lighting

Though is that dust all over the 8th row big shot of the group?

[WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

Two Ring Studios - That close-up of her is intense. Awesome lighting and that veil is sweet!

[WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

Christine - I have to agree with Eliza – I love your wedding write-ups just as much as the photographs themselves. Gorgeous doesn’t even suffice. Great work as always.

So, did you do the splits again at the end of the night?

Alexander Gardner - Oh Ryan. There’s a lot of love shining in those shots and it’s not just between the bride & groom. :)

Alicia Kennison - Looks like such a fun wedding. It’s great when you have friends that you WANT to shoot and you can get in there and have lots of fun with them at the same time. Nice stuff Ryan. :)

Chris Lin - You’re one of a kind, man. Chicken nugget for the win.

Love the “How do you feel like flying in a few people from across North America, and someone from Australia?” :-)

Albert Palmer - Wow, Ryan – those are some awesomely fun photographs. Nice work as always. You wouldn’t expect to see the groom crawling through grass but it works somehow!

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks, everyone!

Timothy Kaldas - Ryan, I love the hallway shot and the shot of the bride in her veil. I can see how much your loving the high ISO capabilities of your D3s.

bien.argonza - I love the way you shoot, you also consider the guest. :) Amazing as always! Keep it up, man.

Engagement: Heather and Jordan

I don’t usually get a chance to blog engagement shoots during the season, but when we get interrupted by Dave Chappelle, when we stumble across a line of crazy Apple fanatics waiting in line for the iPhone the next day, when a woman sees me lying on the ground to get a shot and checks to see if I’m passed out drunk, and when a restaurant lets us inside after it’s closed, that’s more than an engagement shoot, it’s an adventure. Specifically, it’s the kind of adventure you have in New York when a couple is kind enough to bend to my crazy summer schedule and start the shoot at 9:30 p.m.! Thanks guys, looking forward to the July 4 wedding!

Sam Obeid - Nice work here Ryan, lovin 1/3/5. The light and shadows on 8 is sweet!

Josh Lamkin - The diagonal shadow on that b/w one in the restaurant is awesome. And the color in the city at night is so great…seems like a really really fun shoot.

sam hurd - haha-i think you’re loving that 24 1.4 as much as i am, eh?

Kat Braman - That’s too funny! I had a woman start yelling “somebody call 911” once during a shoot because I had dropped to the ground to take their photo and she thought I had passed out.

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MAURONSTER - great pictures, congratulations
you are great, Ryan!

stacy squires - Nice stuff!! very cool couple

Joseph Yarrow Bristol Wedding Photographer - Awesome couple Ryan!
Especially love that last one!
Getting a fair bit of D3S envy here!

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks all, I definitely love the 24mm.

meg - love, love, love

susieqccc - I pretty much drool over everything you ever post. Just amazingly gorgeous. Can I have your brain for just one day??


Wedding: Heather and Jordan at the Ritz Carlton » Ryan Brenizer — New York City Wedding Photographer - […] Ritz Carlton Battery Park wedding? You may recall that we’d already had lots of fun together, with an engagement shoot stumbled across by Dave Chappelle. The day was extremely hot and windy — the moment Heather stepped outside her gorgeous […]

Johnny - I was wondering what type of lens, camera and ISO settings were you using? Is it a 24 1.4? Amazing light in those pics!

Photo of the Day: The Joy of Youth

The ring-bearer plays with flower petals after the ceremony.

More nostalgia. This was from the first wedding I ever booked, though I shot it four months later than the wedding from yesterday. Confused? That’s how I was before I got used to knowing exactly where I’ll be on a Saturday two years from now.

Sharon - I’m a FB follower and blog watcher and yet never a comment. Till now. This is just the most precious photo ever! Talk about feeling an emotion right through my computer screen! I just love it. I bet the family will too! Fantastic capture.

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Photo of the Day: Every Photo Has a Story…

Every Photo Has a Story…

… and this one doubly so.

I met Heather and Jordan for a very late-night engagement shoot at the swanky hotel where they got engaged. Unfortunately the floor they got engaged on was under construction, but I said “Hey, these elevators are pretty cool.” I usually try not to inconvenience anyone, but since the hotel was quiet at this time of night and there were two other elevators sitting unused, I hit all the buttons on the way down so we’d have time to set up a shot.

To get the ceiling lights and to not be in the reflection, I was crouched low to the right of the door, impossible to see until you came in. So we stopped at one of the floors and a guy walks in. “Woah, paparazzi!” he says. This is a pretty common joke people make when they see my giant camera, so I don’t think much of it. Then I look up at the guy to apologize.

It’s Dave Chappelle. And he thought I realliy was there for him. So he got doubly confused when I just kind of shrugged, apologized for hitting all the buttons, and went back to shooting Heather and Jordan.

“Man, I don’t need this…” he said, and got off at the next floor. He wasn’t really mad, but I think anyone would say that when they see two people making out on an elevator with a photographer and all of the buttons lit up.

Sorry, Dave.

P.S.: Dave has been working out. The guy was RIPPED.

Brittany - HAHA, wow – that’s hilarious! I can’t believe it was Dave Chappelle. Amazing shot – I love the use of the elevator + lights for a creative background.

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Kyle - Dude, Dave is one of my favorite photographers ever. That’s so cool. Even if he was kind of mean.

Bankshot Comics - Chapelle shows - […] Despite what you might think from recent pages of Invisible, Inc., Brenizer is not a paparazzo. But you can see why Dave Chapelle might think so. […]

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nadine - That’s a great story.

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John - Great photo and great story! Too bad he wouldn’t pose with them. Your iPhone theme rocks!

Chris Lin - Kyle, Dave Chapelle is a photographer as well as a comedian?

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Emily Porter - Ha! I always found Dave Chappelle so funny. It’s amusing that he busted in on your engagement session. Also – nice shot!

Patricia Marie - Awesome, I can just hear him saying those things. I miss Dave Chappelle’s comedy. Cool shot too!

Ryan Brenizer - Kyle: Dave Chappelle ≠ dave lachapelle. Thinking like a photographer. ;-)