Wedding: Maria and John at The Garrison

And the weather geeks shall inherit the Earth.

Let’s back up a bit. For those of you who weren’t in NYC in June and especially July, it was a miserable swamp of high humidity and 95+ degree temperature. I spent months trying to keep my clients and myself hydrated, doing shoots at 9 p.m. just so it was cool enough to go outside, and so forth.

But for this wedding, I had a ringer. John works for the National Weather Service, and specifically picked out this date based on prevailing weather patterns. And it was beautiful. The first truly gorgeous day in months. You want to pay attention when John talks about the weather.

And it was a beautiful wedding at the Garrison to match, with great views and a tranquility that you have to get out of the city to get. It was a great, low-key day — after the ceremony, the couple made sure the whole wedding party stopped for ice cream.

One more thing: Maria and John’s kids are probably going to live longer than most oak trees. One of their grandparents was there to celebrate her 100th birthday, and she made an appearance on the dance floor! Another grandmother couldn’t stay off the floor all night. Man, I want those genes.


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Lara Eichhorn - Excellent work as usual, Ryan. I love that shot of the kid with the red cup. Such an awesome expression. The couple looks so sweet. I really love the shot of them sitting (on a trolley?) and there are so many lovely moments in the slideshow.

Avelaine Scyrup - Love, love, love! Your portraits are always awesome but the candids are what separate you from the rest =)

AlexKennison - Well captured, particularly like the shot of the couple under the willows. Beautiful light.

Jason Burns - These are great, love that one of the kid checking out his moves in the mirror. That shot under the willow tree I love, so romantic.

Lauren - Gorgeous, Love that ring shot! So lucky to have a groom in the know and be able to pick such a perfect day!

Seth & Tenielle - Stunning bokeh and very cool shadow shots. Beautiful wedding.

Tara Lilly - Nicely done – love all the fun shots you got as well as the couple under the tree!

Mike - Ryan, you’re PJ coverage continues to impress! Great set of images – love the dancing shots!

nadine - That shoe and carpet shot is strangely compelling. And I the baby with hands all around her, is awesome.

Tasha Schalk - Always magicial, Ryan. I especially love the beam of light on that bouquet.

Eliza Claire - I love the emotion that you capture in your shots – you enable the casual observer to feel as if they were there. Beautiful work, as usual!

geneoh - umm, that first shot is top notch. Awesome work as always, Ryan.

Robb Duncan - Love the mirror shot Ryan, and the one of them under the tree is gorgeously romantic. Awesome work as always.

Eric Kotara - Wonderful work as always, man!

Vincent Pugliese - Great job as usual, love the little girl with the frown and the cup!

brianna phelan - Love the shot of them coming out the ceremony! Beautiful start to finish.

Photo of the Day: Adornment


It feels a bit strange to say I just got back from a wedding when I know it’s mid-afternoon in my native time zone, but I did, and what a wedding it was.

Taken with the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G, and it shows a bit more of the lens’s character. I definitely have enough for a full review after I sort through everything from the past few days.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - I like how the focus goes directly to the bride’s eyes. She looks so beautiful!

Sam Hurd - as usual you’ve beaten me picking up new kit early. i WILL have mine before the workshop though :) hoping your samples of bokeh are better than some others i’ve seen on the web…

Ryan Brenizer - Sam: If you buy one, use my link! I get a cut. Not going to let that affect my review, but if anyone is buying one anyway, why not?

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - That photo of the ring bearer dancing in front of the mirror is priceless!

Eric Kotara - The DOF on this unreal.

Photo of the Day: Cha-cha-cha-Chess Face

Keep working on that gambit, kid.

I figured some of y’all would want to see an image from the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G, so here you go. It does show one of the relative strengths over the older version, which is maintaining contrast in backlit situations.

Thomas Lester - Very nice! Looks great. Looks like the fixed the purple outlining from the 85D where dark meets bright. That nano-coating does wonders!

Joel Vergara - Thanks for the review. I guess I will be buying one.

Ryan Brenizer - The full review will come soon. If you do buy one, use my link! :)

Joel Vergara - Will do, thanks!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Awww, what a cutie! Lovely DoF too.

Raphael Neff - Awesome photo. Great depth. I like the way his crooked bow-tie makes it just seem more real.

Greetings from Singapore (with the new 85mm!)

I’ve landed in Singapore today, with a great wedding ahead of me. With a bit of timing and luck, I’ve managed to bring both the old-but-awesome Nikon 85mm f/1.4D and the new-and-possibly-amazing Nikon 85mm f/1.4G. I will have a full, comparative review on the site Monday!

Steve Z - Hells yeah :-) My 24 1.4 will arrive tomorrow, I’m in the queue for the 85, but would still love to geek out on your comparison.

zUdio - What…?!?! You take a photo of it inside the box? What a tease you are, sir.

gabe aceves - you lead a charmed life brenizer.

ryan - welcome to Singapore! cant wait to see some of ur pics taken in Singapore!

carlina - Welcome to singapura! maaaan… the shot you posted with that thing looks amazing! can’t wait to see wedding photos with it!

Ali Walker - Bastard.


Wedding: Colleen and Steve in Green Pond, NJ

I love it when a couple works together to make the wedding an expression of themselves, and few anywhere have done that better than Colleen and Steve. Of course, it didn’t hurt to have a family camp available as a setting, since it made the day both pastoral and intimate, a place where the couple and many of the guests had already whiled many days away on the lake. Steve’s father completely restored a 1948 Chris-Craft boat just for the wedding, dutifully earning the captain’s hat they gave him as a gift. Every aspect of the day was a heartfelt, playful delight, from Colleen’s polka-dotted wedding dress, to the men’s boutonnieres labeled with descriptions like “Groom” and “Sinner,” to, most importantly, the couple themselves.

All you need to know about the feeling of this wedding is that the couple and the guests couldn’t even wait for the reception to be over to strip out of their clothes and don swimsuits, with everyone, even some of the parents, diving into the waters of Green Pond for an immediate afterparty.

It was too epic a story to tell with words. So I took pictures.

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Khürt - A beach party wedding. Cool! The photography is excellent, too.

Terrance Britton - Great work, I especially love the photo of only the groom exposed! Nice touch….

Ryan - Page 6, 19 and 21 are my faves! Amazing work, Ryan!

Becca Dilley - Lots of photographers talk about “telling a story of the wedding day” but this is amazing! I can totally see how the couple that had so much fun playing on the pier earlier ended up taking a midnight dip. Great captures!

Rich Park - wow, what an EPIC wedding! so amazing how you captured every part o f it! amazing job!

Cathy and David Photographers - LOVE LOVE LOVE these man. This looks like one heck of a good time and I know from experience when the people are having fun, the photog is too. :D Way to rock this out of the park!

Marianne Wilson - how fun are these?!? So cool. I love everything from the details to the portraits. Her dress is super cute too!

Heather Elizabeth - This wedding looked like such a kick ass time. Even if it wasn’t kick ass, you certainly made it look that way. Fantastic work. You are truly a light master.

Joey Chandler - Now that looks like party that I am bummed I missed. Has to be something special when the dress shot happens during the dancing. And the groom and his boys shot is great. Really nice work.

Mark - Wow. Wow. Wow!! This looks like it was so much fun! Great work here mate!!

Kyle - What in the world is going on in that mirror shot where there are two Colleens? I love how you always take pictures that I can’t figure out!

And that portrait of them kicking at the water is so sweet. Love it!

Dean Govier - Awesome – who gets to drive off in a sweet speedboat after the ceremony! You captured the day sooooo well.

John - Beautiful images my friend. Beautiful! :)

Matilda "Tilly" Beezley - That looks like the most epic wedding party ever. Lucky I wasn’t there, I would have put the camera down and started partying. Great work as usual Ryan. :D

Jessica Schilling - There’s so much personality on display here in all the details and you captured so many perfect moments. That dusk shot of the lake and the dock is perfection.

Brad Ross Photography - Love it! Nothing can top old vintage boats and guests willing to get wet and dirty. Good stuff.

Steve Koo - Awesome work, Ryan! Love the shot of them sitting on the dock while she kicks the water!

Shella - What wonderful place to get married. Love the splash shot!

Rocky - WOW!! what a fun wedding!
awesome captures as usual Ryan!

Nikole - This wedding looks like a total blast! I’m kind of sad I wasn’t there. How often do bathing suits show up at a wedding? Sadly, not enough. Love these photos.

Just Alex Photography - Wow, Ryan. That last shot is H O T.

Bobby Ketchum - That’s a really neat venue. Looks fun.

Phill - If exuberance, adventure and love could be bottled, you’ve done it.

Pooja Mehta - This perhaps look like the most fun yu can have at a wedding! You’ve done an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the celebrations.

Paul Von Rieter - Stupid awesome. Brides who smoke cigars are A-OK in my book.

Jaimzh - Amazing work as ever. What a fun wedding!

James Boddington - Great work Ryan! The dress shot and the kissing couple in the water are smokinly great shots

Ben Tomlin - OMG – Ryan these are off the scale!! This surely must be the most fun wedding ever! Love that track too.

Ali Walker - Love these all. You are the man, Ryan. That dock shot of the bride and groom is genius.

brianna phelan - Gorgeous shots! I love the dress. And love the shots w. the boat.

Az - I keep coming back to these Ryan…..they are just brilliant. What a great couple, and wedding party.

Heather Kanillopoolos - Oh, I adore the photograph on the dock!!

Kirsten Flavell - wow what a fun wedding! fabulous couple!

Debbie (Kleinfeld) - Thank you for sharing these wedding photos with me. What a beautiful couple and looks like it was a FUN wedding! You look amazing! Love the grooms attire too! It was my pleasure to help you find “The Perfect Dress”!
Have a wonderful life.
Debbie (Kleinfeld)

Az Rehman - I love this wedding so much!

Cassio Vieira - amei as suas fotos

Mi Amigo El Tuko - lov your work.

Tejas Choudhari - Simply amazing!

Sun Sweet « Pads Photography - […] streaks of light, that changes within minutes! In the NYC workshop we had, we shot a lovely couple (Colleen and Steve), whose wedding was shot by Ryan a couple of years back. I was trying to aim the focus to them and […]

V. - super duper work Ryan. V.

Wes Craft - Super unique. Love the swim set at the end. How fun is that!

Tuan Bui - Hot damn.

Photo of the Day: The End of the Beginning

The End of the Beginning

I’m skipping to the end of an epic story.

This isn’t from an engagement shoot. This is from a wedding day.

What kind of wedding could lead to this? Stay tuned…

Avelaine Scyrup - Wow..all kinds of hotness!

Jonas Peterson - Great one, Ryan.

brianna phelan - Whoo sexy! Can’t wait to see more from the day. Gorgeous.

Steve Elmer - Raw, passionate and dark… awesome work Ryan :)

Alex Singh - Most excellent.

Marie Lloyd - Wow cool – can’t wait to see!!

Photo of the Day: Down by the River

Brenizer method of Lauren and Chris, 29 images with the 85mm f/1.4. The original is 72 megapixels.

Thomas Lester - Beautiful!

Dustin - amazing! I didn’t know places like this existed in NY

Alen Abdula - Great capture! I’ve experimented with Brenizer method with some great results but every time I see one of your images I feel like I need to practice more and more… nice work!

Alan - Only 72 megapixels, eh? That’s pretty low-res…unless you mean megabytes. :)


Miss Ima Smartaleck

Sean - Always intriguing.

So what’s the smartest way to photomerge? 3-4 at a time? And then flatten and add more? Or keep the1st 3-4 in layers?

Ryan Brenizer - Alan,

On what strange alien or future world would 72 megapixels be considered “low-res”?

Joseph - I too have the same question as Sean.
Please advise on the best way to photomerge images when we have like 15+ images to combine.

Love love your work

Steve Elmer - Its so nice to see a NYC pic that involves a pebble bed river and leaves and not a hard street with cops… you blitz it Ryan, always.

Ryan Brenizer - Photoshop CS3 or higher should be able to handle them if you have a large enough scratch disk (although resizing helps). But 3rd party apps like Autopano Pro often handle big jobs even better.

Chris Murray - Beautiful, love seeing the Brenizer Method photos, and I bet you can print them pretty large considering its “only” 72 megapixels!

Ryan Brenizer - @Steve: These were 30 miles outside NYC.

Steve Elmer - @Ryan: My bad, excuse me… I am Australian (is that a good enough excuse?) :P

Roberta Crumplin - Just beautiful. I love how sharp you’re foreground is compared to the mystery world that surrounds them!

Alan - Ryan,

My bad. I mis-interpreted your comment! I thought you were trying to say what the file size was (adding up individual photos), but even then, 29 images at whatever file-size you are shooting at, I’m still way off! Embarrassed, I slink away…

mike - To me it makes the subjects look like Lilliputians.

alan - This is an amazing image…..both in its simplicity and in its execution.

William Chik - hey Ryan, a quick question for you if you don’t mind, so your Brenizer method create a very swallow dof with a wide view, and in some pics even a toy feel to it. will you say this is a “poor man tilt shift”?

Photo of the Day: A Brooklyn Kind of Love

A Brooklyn Kind of Love

I know that I teach how to deal with bad backgrounds in my workshops … but that doesn’t mean I don’t get lucky now and then.

Steve Elmer - It makes the place look other worldly ;)

David Barrett - Like it a lot. Expose for the sky and showcases the couple in the foreground. With a contained sunset as a bonus.

Rich Park - The sky doesn’t get much better than that. Amazing shot!

Sam hurd - Gigantic human shaped sky scrapers!! :) awesome shot. Love the color and whispy cloudys.

Workshop update!

flickr_100206-161040 16 mm.jpg

We still have some slots open for the October 12-13 workshop, given that I haven’t made the formal, full announcement yet. But I’ve been working on the syllabus like crazy in-between my even crazier shooting schedule, and I’m ridiculously excited.

You can read reviews of some previous workshops here. What makes this one different is that it is focused entirely on professional wedding photography, while my previous workshops were more generalized. Not only will we be working through location shoots, solving the sorts of problems we constantly deal with on wedding days, from bad backgrounds to bad light to lack of time, but there will also be an extended session on the business of running a photography business, with a focus on client relations. Most “bridezillas” are really just people with understandable concerns about a stressful time, and I’ve learned a lot of tricks along the way about how to make people as relaxed as possible.

Or, in other words, my photography business is booming so much I don’t even have the time to make a proper workshop flyer.

The best part? Even though the workshop is based in the swanky Garment District, it’s one of the few things left in Manhattan that are affordable. Registration is $500 before Sept. 15, and $600 thereafter (if any spots are still open). Register at

I also am giving a $35 talk on flash composites at Adorama on Oct. 11, and if you sign up for both, the Adorama talk will be reimbursed!

Sam hurd - Seriously people….eff that lens you’ve been eyeing (get it?) and sign up for this. Absolutley worth its weight in gold….or photo prints? Hmmm.

Wedding: Jennifer and Richard at Mulan

It was a scorching day in the hottest New York City July in history, but that didn’t slow down Jennifer and Richard one bit. The entire wedding party seemed up to run around and try new things, 98 degrees in tuxes or not.

The day was a mixture of their devout Christianity and Chinese heritage, with a heartfelt church ceremony followed by a full banquet in Flushing. I always love Chinese banquets — yes, because of the food, but also because of the focus on family and the connections between the bride and groom and the people who got them to where they are today. And the food.

Congratulations, Richard and Jennifer!

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Steve Elmer - Dude, is that “Bren-Meth” on the party sitting on the park bench? Its tight. Another awesome wedding done and dusted ;)

Daniel - beautiful shots.. the posed shot on the tree is really lovely. Looks like it was a fun wedding.

Mark - Great work as always. The shot of the groomsmen and the one of the wedding party are my favs. Keep it up and keep inspiring me.

Amanda Basteen - Great shots. I love the one’s under the tree, they’re beautiful! :)

Joey Chandler - Love the shoe and dress shot. Great work of a hallway. And the shot of them walking along the path is a really special moment. Props as always.

Daniel - Very cute bride indeed and great party shots too.

Alicia Kennison - Awesome shots. Love the group hug with the bride and the big smile on her face.

Jen - Beautiful bride! Love all the pops of yellow, and the conversational wedding party shot. And the bride by the curtains – quintessential Brenizerian goodness!

Thomas Lester - Fantastic. Love this. Love the shot of the bride in front of the curtains with just a sliver of the curtain open. Prefect.

Shari - You got a lot of killer shots of this wedding, Ryan. I especially love the group shot on the bench and the very last one. Great story telling by you and I just love all of the girls dresses. Really beautiful!

Brad Ross Photography - Storytelling Perfection! Love the emotion in the piggyback shot.

Steve Koo - Love the group shot on the bench! Great stuff, as always, Ryan!

Francis Joseph - Great reportage and story telling, Ryan.

fotograf lublin - I really love your style.

Heather Kanillopoolos - I love that bridal party shot on the bench. Awesome!

Engagement: Chika and Andrew

I don’t generally have time to publish engagement shoots during the busy season … which, these days, seems like about 11 1/2 months of the year … but when someone comes all the way from Tokyo for the shoot, I’ll make an exception! Chika and Andrew met in Tokyo, and currently are having a very long-distance relationship while they plan the wedding, so I knew they’d have a great time at the shoot. Chika wanted to show her relatives back home some New York City landmarks (the real kind … taxi, subways, hot dogs) while in a beautiful kimono, and then they both changed into (very stylish) western clothes. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and I hope to see them again as they plan the wedding!

nadine - What an attractive couple, I love their individual headshots, and the subway shot!

Michael J Metts - I always love how well you rock the color wheel. The first two after their clothing change really show your strength in that area. Awesome post.

E Schumann Foto - Way to work the Yorkville area! I love the “It’s Time We MET” shot, very clever and the silhouettes are gorgeous.

Daniel stark - Awesome! Beautiful images! Did you use a t/s lens for some of those shots?

Ryan Brenizer - Yup, my first shoot with a T/s. Thanks all!

Sam Hurd - niiice. it’s great to see your subtle use of the dof control. i mean, it’s there, but these aren’t images i’d see 20 years from now and say “look at that cheesy tilt shift effect”

Terra Dawn Photography - BEAUTIFUL, Ryan!! I love the DOF, of course….and the door shot with the bright blues showing through! Lovely, lovely couple!!

Kristi Wright - These are gorgeous!!

Dustin - Is that you in the cab reflection? You have some serious ninja skills.

Chris Fam - amazing photographs with your unique styles and congrats to Chika and Andrew!

Jenny Meng - Very nice. I’m always a fan of your use of light and shadows. Love the last shot.

Ryan Brenizer - Haha no, that’s my assistant.

Amber Hughes - Beautiful shots as always Ryan – I love that they went out in kimonos!!

Bobby Ketchum - Great use of the lens on shoe shot. I like it.

Jakob - The cab shot is great, as is the last one!

Eliza Claire - Wow! Ryan, I think this *might* be my favourite ever of your engagement shoots! LOVE the silhouette shot, just the right amount of detail left in the shadows. And love the use of the t/s on the steps, so different and v v sexy shoes!

The subway shot makes me want to go back to NY.

Lynn - This set is the bomb Ryan.

Maria Landaverde - Beautiful as always you are my inspiration!!!

seth - These are so awesome! I love photos of them kissing on the subway platform and them being tender next to the handrail.

Daniel Dunlap - You sir are an inspiration! This looks amazing!

brie - As always, so inspiring! I love the shot in front of the subway.

Eric Yerke - Ryan, you are seriously unreal.

Sabrina Manglaviti - I actually started to cry because of how absolutely amazing these pictures are.. Not only because they are beautiful but because they do such a great job of capturing the love and happiness that’s between you two which is evident by your body language and the way you look at each other. Love them! and love you both so very much!

Thao - Absolutely phenomenal – love the reflection in the cab shot

Natalie Gibbs - I was suprised to see t/s shots on your site – these are great! I looooove the last silhouette and especially the one with the Met poster. What a fun shoot this must have been.

Laurie Peacock - That last shot is all kinds of awesome. Bravo.

Cait - Wow!! every single one is unique, I need to go back and look at them again because they were that great! :)

Michelle - These are wonderful. You did a beautiful job! I mean, you always are inspiring, but wow…you’ve outdone yourself. :)

Paulo Nunes - Astonishing set… Full of love, not only beautifully captured or technically perfect, but yet full of feeling. Congratulations.

Carol Petrus - I love all your pics!!! and these pics are specially magical! Congrats!

Steve Elmer - #8 and #11… they have just made my day :)

matt shumate - Thou art the king of creativity. I love how you find unique & creative compositions EVERY time. It inspires me. The blue/orange shot through the door, the T/S with the shoes, the silhouette—all tremendous.

Paul Von Rieter - You rocked that T/S like a master. Awesome set Ryan. Beautiful couple.

masayo suginomori - I am your mother’s friend. You are beautiful couple.I hope yopu’ll be very happy.

Dennis Pike - Did you shoot one of those in the entrance way to your building? Bravo, sir

Arthur Christensen - You are a handsome couple. I am a very old friend of Kenny. Good Luck

Ryan Brenizer - @Dennis: You bet I did.

Nick Giron - Very cool set. I am close to San Francisco and Sacramento and Yosemite. No shortage of locations here. But the feel of New York is it’s own beast. One day I’ll find my way back over to the east coast.

Heather Kanillopoolos - Gorgeous as usual, Ryan! The last shot is stunning. Well done!

Ty Johnson - Great shots, Ryan. You always amaze! :)

John Scheie - Nice work Ryan, I love the subway shot. Slow shutter and steady tripod always makes for great work. I can’t believe how much he looks like his father!

JANICE RUSSEL - Andrew’s mom is my cousin Eileen. I think you make a wonderful couple! May you be as happy with your lives as Aunt Joyce and Uncle George were with their 60 years together. Wonderful photography.

Bryant Park Grill wedding: Chika and Andrew » Ryan Brenizer — NYC Wedding Photographer. Problem solver, storyteller. - […] feels like a long time coming. When I first photographed Chika and Andrew, they knew they were getting married … someday. In some hemisphere. But that was about it. You […]

Photo of the Day: Romance in the Street

A touch of freelensing, a touch of Nik Silver FX, a lot of passion between an awesome couple, and voilà!

Kyle - I love this new black and white conversion. Looks gorgeous!

Paul Rowland - That’s awesome-you should show more b&w on the blog.

gabe aceves - this is absolutely incredible ryan. one of my favorite images of yours.

Gilbert Wong - Never fail to amaze with just an image! I guess u hv hard time choosing

Justin Hill - That’s pretty awesome Ryan! Looks like old film stock, with all the grain, the halo of the street lamp and the soft focus. Great work as always!

Wedding: Lindsay and George at the Hershey Hotel

I have always been a chocoholic, so I was very excited to shoot Lindsay and George’s wedding at the Hershey Hotel. And it’s true that the streets in Hershey, PA are paved with chocolate. Or at least they’re colored brown.

Lindsay and George are new transplants to the area, and we’d already had a great time with them and their dog in a NYC engagement shoot, so I expected a low-key, fun, beautiful day — and that’s exactly what I got. The ceremony was in a gorgeous stone alcove, making for a long and dramatic processional. They’d selected the officiant in part for his lively personality, and he delivered in spades with a ceremony that was in turns touching and hilarious: You can see in the photos below Lindsay reacting to his emphasis on “until DEATH!” in the vows.

The ceremony and reception paid homage to Greek heritage, from dual crowns to a slow folk dance that builds to a huge crescendo.

And yeah, there was kind of a nice sunset. You’ll see.


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Erin Lassahn - I expected to see chocolate :) BUT, you photographed this whole wedding so beautifully that I will let it slide :) Love the bench photo, it’s so dreamy!

Ryan Brenizer - @Erin: I added a chocolate spread just for you. ;-)

Amber - These are great. I love the portraits. And I saw that shot of them on the bench in the field of green and thought “oh man, how did he do that?” and then I remembered whose images I was looking at.

Kim Mendoza - Simply beautiful! Every shot is so colorful and your WB is spot on…envy.

Dustin Finn - Through the TREES ! – Oh My Goodness… So awesome.

Bobby Ketchum - Nice. The kid near the top looks intrigued by your camera.

Brad Ross Photography - Your modern spin on wedding photography is an inspiration. Another top notch bit of visual storytelling.

Kelly Ry - Ow wowza, that sunset is just stunning. As always, Ryan, you capture weddings with such joy and poignancy, they are a joy to view.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Great set of photos, Ryan! The photo of the sky at sundown is magnificent!

Kristen Honeycutt - SUCH a great set. I am especially drooling over all the ceremony shots. Such great emotion.

Albert Palmer - I really like everyone’s expression – there are some classics in there. That sunset/landscape shot isn’t too shabby either!

brie - Ryan, as always, amazing shots! I love the way that you capture everyone’s emotions on the wedding day, so poignant and stunning.

Just Alex Photography - Amazing story telling, Ryan. I can’t get enough of the world through your eyes. Nice.

Lisa Novakowski - What a gorgeous ceremony location! I love your work, and I can’t choose a fave, they are all fantastic.

seth - These truly incredible! I love how you are able to capture such natural moments so clearly.

Rob Dunbar - Wow, you were right in my neck of the woods! The photos are absolutely stunning! I love your attention to detail and the raw emotion you capture!

Lynette J - Such a happy bride…she is just beaming in every photo. I love it. Beautiful set Ryan…hope you got your chocolate fix! ;)

Heather Kanillopoolos - I love the shadow photograph on the yellow wall. Great set!!

Preston - You have outdone yourself once again, sir! You inspire me daily.

Alex Singh - As always, great work!

Amanda Basteen - Great set Ryan! LOVE the one with the grooms arm behind her back. Just gorgeous!

Photo of the Day: Under the Wedding

Under the Wedding

Charity, Adam and I snuck out of the reception for a minute to get some photos while their friends chatted above.

Luckily my clients trust me. “So … we’re using the light of a vending machine? Haha, OK…”

Elana Jaramillo - I remember you from Rob’s & Robin’s wedding. (Rob is my son) I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have viewed some of your photography via Robin’s & Charlotte’s FB page. I appreciate/admire your talent so much. Keep up the excellent eye. Elana

Joseph Yarrow - WIN^

Pooja Mehta - One of the best shots of the groom watching the bride arrive I’ve seen in a long time!