Battery Gardens Wedding: Michelle and Michael

One of the things that makes being a wedding photographer feel special is that I so often get to go out and document the formation of a new family. Who knows the trials and strength and joy that lie ahead, but I get to capture the moment when it all coalesces in one giant celebration. This was doubly so with Michelle and Michael, who were not only celebrating their marriage, but their new role as soon-to-be parents. And it was a celebration — at the start of the day, neither of them new the sex their baby would be, but one person did know — the cake-baker. They sent the hospital notice unopened to the baker, who would make the frosting inside blue if it was a boy, and pink if it was a girl. I’ve seen more than 400 cake-cuttings in my time, but none were as meaningful as this one.

Which one was it? Look below and you’ll find out…

Thanks to the awesome Jashim Jalal for second-shooting!

Dreams of Shorelines

140412 192608 45mm f2 8 Edit

I’m sitting here in the Bahamas, waiting for my puddle-jumping flight from Nassau to Eleuthera, but I’m still thinking about the beautiful sunsets at the Ritz-Carlton Naples and loving life more than a little.

Lens: 45mm f/2.8 PC-E
Camera: Nikon Df

Nick Benson - Hey Ryan, I saw that this was taken with a Df and It was curious about your experience with it. I am currently using a D600 as my primary camera for my portrait and wedding work. As funds increase, I’m making future plans on something that can handle high ISO while still producing usable images, like the D4. I would love a D4 or D4s, but unfortunately, they are a bit more than I can afford right now. Would a Df would be a good choice for low light use in ceremonies and getting ready shots, until I have the extra money for something like a D4s?