Quick (but important) workshop update: Headed to the Brewery!

I’ve been keeping the locations of my March 18 and 19 workshop under my hat as I triple-checked details from 3,000 miles away. Now I’m happy to announce that our base of operations will be a 3,000-foot studio at the Brewery Art Colony in Downtown Los Angeles! This should be a great spot to play around in a wide variety of situations, indoors and out. More information here. Registration is still open, just e-mail ryanbrenizerworkshops@gmail.com

Please contact me if you need help with housing options (I know we have a lot of out-of-towners coming).

More info about March 18-19th workshops!

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I’m really excited for my upcoming workshop March 18-19th in Los Angeles — for the price of putting on a workshop in Manhattan, you can get some AMAZING locations out there! I’ve put together an informational page that will be updated as we go along, and I hope to see lots of you there! I want to see some more local representation — here I am flying across the country to be closer to people, and still so many of the attendees are flying in from as far away as Australia!

See more information here!

March 18-19: Ryan Brenizer Workshops Go to Hollywood (or at least Burbank)

(Not that Hollywood)

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do workshops outside the NYC area, and I did a test seminar in New Orleans back in 2009, but I wanted to wait until I could be sure I could take this show on the road and do a great job with it.

March 18th and 19th are that time.

This workshop, “What Would MacGyver Do?” will take some of the best things I’ve learned in the shooting and business workshops I led in 2010, as well as all of the preparation work I did for my DWF lecture in January. We’ll be taking the kinds of real-world problems that wedding and portrait photographers deal with all the time — bad light, not enough time, bad locations, awkward subjects, and more — and working through them to get technically and emotionally compelling photographs. Recommended for people-shooters who can at least count upward in f-stops.

This is a night-and–day workshop, with the night of the 18th given to networking and discussions of the hows and whys of shooting professionally. I take great care to make sure that people can get benefits not only from me, but from lasting connections to other photographers with shared skills and interests, and it’s been great to see lasting friendships come out of previous workshops.

Cost is just $500 for registration before March 1, and $600 thereafter. E-mail ryanbrenizerworkshops@gmail.com to sign up or get more information.

Fun fact: This will be the first of my workshops planned by more than one Brenizer.

UPDATE: I should note that with my current schedule I won’t be doing many workshops this year. My current plans are one West Coast workshop, one East Coast workshop, and one in December in Asia. Going to be another busy year with lots of fantastic clients.