George Peabody Library wedding Baltimore: Jennifer and Michael

Probably the greatest honor we feel as wedding photographers is doing a wedding for another wedding photographer. After all, these people spend each day looking at this stuff, and know exactly what they like. But it was an even greater pleasure when that photographer is someone like Michael Stravinos, who is not just talented, but has been a friend, a workshop student, and collaborator.

And then you add that the wedding would be at the fantastic George Peabody Library in Baltimore, a place I’ve wanted to shoot in ever since I first saw it? We jumped at the chance. It didn’t matter that we also had to be in New York and Pennsylvania that weekend … we were going to make this happen.

It was amazing start to finish, filled with tears, laughter, Greek dancing, beautiful details, a solemn church ceremony … dripping with meaning and emotion throughout.

For the photographers out there, this was our first wedding with the Sony A9, and apart from the more technical aspects it was incredible to be able to shoot all of the events of the day completely silently, getting angles during prayers and at moments of peak emotion while intruding as little as possible. We always want to capture the real emotions so that you can look back and feel what it was like to be there in the midst of it, and this has been a helpful tool for us.

Sony A9 discussion, Q&A, and rolling review

Sony A9, 85mm f/1.4 GM
Specs and purchasing.
What happens when you take all the futuristic potential of a mirrorless system and cram something like the functionality of a Nikon D5 into it? Meet the Sony A9. This is a groundbreaking, complicated camera with game-changing features, so a simple review won’t be enough.

But here’s the simple review: We love it. It feels as at least a big a shift as when the Nikon D3 came out, if not the switch to digital in the first place.

But we’re going to get a bit deeper here, and I will update this with new images as we edit them. To begin, here is an 89-minute live discussion and Q&A of the (mostly) ups and (few) downs of this camera in our experience after more than 10,000 photos in various sorts of jobs across four (now five) states:



Today I re-review the Sony A9. Because a camera like this deserves more than vertical video. But more importantly, because my review has changed. Over the course of six jobs, this has gone from “What is this camera about?” to “This is a very good camera” today’s topic: “Why I’m selling my Nikon D5 (the best DSLR that has ever existed)”

Anything involved with Sony brings instant accusations of being paid off (likely because Sony does compensate some reviewers), so a reminder that I received nothing from any camera company, and have bought all of this stuff at 0% off. And I even paid sales tax.

Specs and purchasing:

Sony A9:

VG-C3m vertical grip:

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A9 and Nikon 45mm f/2.8
Some pictures (updated as we go):