Fashion: Kristen Ernst clothing designs

It was 35 degrees outside. The winds were gusting past 40mph. And we were on the roof of a 27-story building.

Fashion ain’t easy, especially if you’re wearing gossamer clothing or trying to keep an octabank from blowing off the side of a rooftop and taking you with it. But it came together, and the team did a spectacular job showing off the stylish work of designer Kristen Ernst.

We used all sorts of light, from the sun to video lights to an SB-910 to a big studio light. We used all sorts of tricks — it’s not easy to do a panorama of someone whipping their coat around, but that happened. Mostly, though, we tried to stay warm. Each look was shot in under five minutes so poor Yulia could keep her fingers and toes.

120113 141159 58mm f2

120113 141229 58mm f2 1

120113 144105 45mm f2 8

120113 144223 45mm f3

120113 144852 45mm f2 8

120113 155935 85mm f1 6 3 images pano blog

120113 165631 58mm f1 2

120113 165903 58mm f1 2A

120113 171146 85mm f1 6

Shoot director: Aparna Dasgupta
Wardrobe: Kristen Ernst
Model: Yulia Panina
Makeup: Jiaying Wang
Hair: Chi Shay
Lighting assistants: Emily and Bobby from Emily Porter Photography