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Photo of the Day: Floating and Free


I love this photo but never really featured it. Emilie was just an awesome bride as you can plainly see. We took this at the end of the night, and Noel said “all I can do at this point is sit.”

“Good,” I said, “That’s exactly what I had in mind.”

Noel is lit by a simple speedlight, but Emilie got the big light treatment, a White Lightning 1600 blasting through a big octobox.


Photo of the Day: None Shall Pass

Stephanie finally gave in: "OK, you can do any weird lighting you want on me!" So we had some fun with light-painting. One exposure, painted with the Lowel ID video light.

Believe it or not, this was not the weirdest one we got. More to come.


Photo of the Day: Jump (For our Love)


Dara and Chris told me right from the start that they loved to jump, so even though we were shooting at night, I wanted to let them bounce around a bit. What I really love about the photo, though, is that Dara is being lit by the flashlight of a police officer telling us to “Move along.” Thanks, man, that helped a lot!


Photo of the Day: Surprise!


I don’t do many kids’ photos professionally … though as more and more of my wedding clients start having children, that may change. I have always loved babies, but they certainly do present an interesting challenge. Usually a couple will not cry through 95 percent of a shoot.


Photo(s) of the Day: New Year’s Eve at War? (Point&Shoot photos)

091231-110047-5.9 mm-Edit.jpg

I had such a fantastic New Year’s Eve, thanks to being around some great people. I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico with some new friends. One of them was originally from the area, and had an invitation to a party for friends and family at one of his mother’s friends’ houses. It sounded like such a change from the normal club scene that we had to take up the offer.

I’m glad we did. Everyone was so warm and inviting, celebrating first the San Juan-time New Year’s and then the New York-time New Year’s with dancing and an amount of fireworks that would get you thrown into a federal penitentiary in New York. Since I decided against bringing my expensive Nikon D3s out on New Year’s, I captured the scene with my friend’s automatic point and shoot, the Canon 780. I embraced the limitations, switching to black and white mode, pushing it to ISO 1600, and pre-focusing and metering so I could get the shutter speeds and exposures I wanted. Whereas the D3s can capture pretty much any scene with more literalism and detail than your eyes can, here I embraced the expressionistic quality of a limited camera. And I had a great time — as my friend said, “These look like you spent New Year’s in Beiruit!”

A few more:

091231-110204-5.9 mm-Edit.jpg

091231-110918-5.9 mm-Edit.jpg

091231-111012-5.9 mm-Edit.jpg

091231-111540-5.9 mm-Edit.jpg

091231-112510-5.9 mm-Edit.jpg


Photo of the Day: Beauty’s Halo


Through the magic of technology, I am posting all of these photos even though I am currently on a short vacation in Puerto Rico with some friends, including Mae, pictured above. She’s more entrepreneur than model, though, and we’re spending most of today shooting other models for a great new project has going, so watch this space!


Photo of the Day: Unposed Candid


I’m going against the grain and starting with something old. In the nearly 4 and a half years since I took this, about 1,400 Flickr users have marked this as a favorite. It’s not my most popular image there anymore, but before I fell in love with wedding photography this picture was in some ways a symbol of my work and sensibility.

But I’ve never said anything more about it. I had just gotten a new lens (the old version of the 70-200 VR), and wanted to take it out for a test — where better than the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I saw this girl sitting there, mesmerized by this painting, from the side, and I immediately knew how it would look from behind.

But, of course, the 70-200 isn’t a short lens, particularly given the 1.5x crop of the D70s I was using. So I had to get back … WAY back. Luckily the Met has room for that sort of thing. Luckier still, she was still mesmerized by the time I lined up the photo. As I clicked the shutter, two tourists came beside me and looked at what I was shooting.

“Oh man! That’s a great shot!” They fumbled with their cameras, but she was gone.

There are a lot of issues with photographing children — this is a country where people can have the police called on them for photographing their OWN kids — but at the time I was a photographer for Columbia University Teachers College, and I got very used to taking photos of the backs of kids’ heads as compositional elements if their parents hadn’t signed the model releases. Luckily no security guards decided to tackle me.


A Brand-New Day

Ryan Brenizer Photography

William and Katy — two image flash composite, so I could make a single SB-900 through an umbrella powerful enough to light f/18. You can learn this stuff too at my workshop!

Wedding photographers live irregular lives, and it can get in the way of blogging. But I’m going to try something new and see how it goes. Starting on 1/1/10, I will post an image every workday at exactly 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

As you have probably guessed, these will be posted by robotic schedules, as I will be asleep somewhere in Puerto Rico at 9 a.m. on January 1st. Some will be old stuff that hasn’t been here, and some will be brand-new stuff, but it should give you something new to look at whenever you come by!