Album: Kindiya and Thomas

Generally, this time of year is devoted to putting together sample albums from the previous year. I may delay that a bit, because I’m mostly working on making sure my February 6 workshop is as great as possible, but I couldn’t resist putting together a sample album for Kindiya and Thomas. You may actually see this album near you soon … more on that later. Click on “continue reading” for the whole set! Cramming a book 24 inches across into 930 pixels loses some of the effect, but just picture it.

And remember … awesome archival albums make great anniversary gifts!


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I will give $1 to Haiti relief for every blog comment this week

Like many of you, I have been sending money to give some help to the devastated country of Haiti this week, but I thought I could do a lot more, and I figure it’s always nice for people to be able to help out with a little bit of time and no cost to themselves.

So, for this week, until the end of the day Friday, for each person who comments on my blog I will add $1 to my charitable donations to Haiti. While the exact type of donations needed my be different a week from now, I will send it to one of the four-star charities listed here by Charity Navigator. One comment per unique reader will be counted.

So that I can easily tally the comments with a search, all you have to do is this. Find something you like on this blog, maybe in the archives link above, leave a quick note, and then follow it with “#haitirelief”

For example:
Ryan Brenizer — Hey, that is a photo! #haitirelief

The Internet is a crazy thing, and you never know if something goes viral, so for now I’ll have to limit it to $2,500. If for for some reason it comes to it, I will increase that cap if my accountant doesn’t shoot me over it.

For sake of tracking, this only applies to comments on this blog, not the Flickr or Facebook pages. Those comments are MUCH harder to track properly.

I hope you don’t take this as a play for attention. I get plenty, and there are far cheaper ways I could get more. I just want to see what a community of readers can do.

I have a photo in Newsweek!

I have a photo featured in the cover story of this week’s Newsweek! The story, “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage,” is a remarkable story written by Ted Olson, the Solicitor General under George W. Bush.


Also featured was a photo by my dear friend Charlotte Geary, a great wedding photographer from Colorado Springs. (She took the above photo; I am still away in Tennessee until tomorrow).

The last thing I ever want to talk about on this blog is politics. Politics are by their very nature divisive, while the work I do is meant to show individual personalities, quirks, and stories, but also to highlight the things that are universal about human stories — passionate love, the bond between friends and family, joy, tension, anxiety, celebration, humor. But I will say this: The wedding featured here, between Jon and Jerry, was perhaps the most emotional ceremony I’ve seen out of more than 100.

You know how certain people spend their entire lives dreaming about their wedding day? Every detail, every look, every color and smile? Imagine thinking your entire live that it will never, ever happen for you … and then it does. That was how the ceremony felt.

I tell stories, and I love my couples. I mean it: When I am shooting a wedding, I am in love with my couples, and that is what allows me to be joyful and sympathetic through my work. I’ve had so many couples I love who are extremely conservative; I’ve had amazing couples where were dedicated Marxists. What I believe in is that weddings are incredible parts of our personal and family histories, and that a good marriage is a thing of wonder and beauty, and I hope that everyone that wants that can have one.