Renaissance Westchester Wedding — Ilana and Grant

There is something extra-awesome about shooting multiple weddings for the same family. Ilana’s wedding was the 2nd of the three sisters’ whose wedding I’ve shot, and it adds so much depth to see so many of the same people celebrating a new day, deja vu and nostalgia providing a perfect foil to the novelty of a new celebration. The Renaissance Westchester was a great location, combining beautiful locations with the logistical simplicity that makes my paranoid problem-solving heart sing. Steps to a beautiful pastoral path without dying of the summer humidity! A short walk to a quaint cottage where Ilana and Grant’s friends and family tore up the dance floor. It was one of those weddings where I only realize how long I’ve been smiling when I feel the strange ache in my cheeks. Thank you to Matias Gonzales for flying up from Chile and shooting his talented heart out with me.


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5 thoughts on “Renaissance Westchester Wedding — Ilana and Grant”

  1. You’re one the best story tellers out there, Ryan. The portraits within the trees, the light is divine. Was it all daylight?

  2. Thank-you, Ryan, for such beautiful sentiments! Indeed, you are now our Family Photographer! So many of the shots just take my breath away. Our family will treasure these images, as we have those you took of Gabrielle and Cory.

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