A very non-destination wedding

This one is just for fun. People always ask me about the amazing and exotic places we’ve shot weddings, and we loved our experiences in place like Singapore, Hong Kong, Chile, Aruba and more. But we also had fun setting a different sort of world record: The closest possible start to the wedding day. And to that end Tatiana Breslow and I present our photography from the getting ready stage of a wedding in our apartment.

What is going on here? Is this a new part of our full-service package? We’ll tell the whole story soon with the full post from this amazing day, but we had fun with this, and it also gives you a peek at our studio. PS: Check out Tatiana’s new site!

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One thought on “A very non-destination wedding”

  1. Hi Ryan, I noticed a change in your processing lately…seems to head in the VSCO territory? Also, you seem to be shooting a little darker/moodier as well….am I off base or are you changing it up a bit?

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