Layers of a Lovely Day

140607 181720 28mm f2 6105

Sometimes the problems solve themselves, at least when you have brides like Jennifer, awesome enough to brave a forest trail in a gorgeous couture gown. We’ve had this strange but beautiful thing where all the rain and nasty weather has fallen on weekdays. The New York Times even had to point out that there is no reason for special seven-day cycle in the weather. Me? I credit karma.

Apparently the reason that sometimes you come to my site and there is no site here is that someone out there has been attacking for a long time. We’re working on fixing it, but in the meantime, please hold back for a bit, Mr. Cyber-Jerk. I have so much great stuff coming to the blog this week, from gorgeous weddings to camera reviews, that we’ll probably bring the site down all by ourselves.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Nikon 28mm f/1.8G

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One thought on “Layers of a Lovely Day”

  1. Hi, I’m wondering how many pictures do you take -and especially -how many of them ,after sorting, you provide/ per one wedding ? I’m very curious, beacause I heard various opinions on this matter-and your photos are amazing , among best wedding photos I’ve seen , so your view is definetly credible.

    Good luck with the fixing !

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