The Cove, Eleuthera: Wedding Photographers at Play

Tatiana and I are famous for the kinda-sorta-vacation. I spent my birthday in Barcelona … processing weddings. Tatiana spent Christmas in midtown Manhattan … processing weddings. We’ve done work in places we should be enjoying ourselves all around the world. But at least once we got to turn it around a bit.

One of the great things about weddings is that people tend to want them to happen in pleasant places and times, and sometimes it works out really well. Looking at my calendar, I realized I had a wedding one weekend in south Florida, and a wedding the next in the Bahamas. The stars were aligning, virtually forcing us to sit down, shut up, and just enjoy life for a few days. And there are few better places to do it than The Cove in Eleuthera, a place so magnificent in its celebration of relaxation that the only choices you can make are “Do I sit in this hammock or that one?” or “Which beautiful ocean cove should I swim in now?”

Of course, Irish people and the sun are natural enemies, and I learned after my first day paddleboating and exploring the island that sunscreen and even khaki pants can only do so much for my vampiric brethren. Still, it was a gorgeous time with a gorgeous woman … and we both took some pictures along the way. More about those weddings quite soon…

(Some of these are by me; some are by T. Some are by DSLR, and some are by iPhone.)


Elissa R - This is beautiful! I love that tilt-shift shot of T sipping out of a cup (and could you please let me know where to buy the dress she wore in photo #2?) :)

Cserkuti Tamás - great collection Ryan!

Ryan Brenizer - T says it is impossible to buy but she will send you hers.

Abigail Montes - I can’t get over how cute you are together :-)

Elissa R - If this is true I will kiss her on the mouth.

cory ryan - I love all of these photos for so many reasons. It seems as though you really have an eye for composition and taking advantage of what you had around you to emphasize the beauty of the moment! This makes me really want to go to the Bahamas…now!

-Cory Ryan and Team