Crest Hollow Country Club Wedding: Mabel and Anil

Three little words. Marriages are based on three little words, and it was three little words that let me know this wedding would be an absolutely amazing way for me to start 2014. Lip. Sync. Contest. And not just any lip-sync contest, but one that morphed into a surprise flash-mob performance of “What Does the Fox Say?” to the bride — this all adds up to the perfect combination in my eyes: We take this marriage and our love seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. We can have an amazingly beautiful day, and look fantastic doing it, but stay focused on celebrating that love with friends and family in a big, loud, hilarious way. I don’t know if the Crest Hollow Country Club knew what it was in for with Mabel and Anil, but they have already given me a great feeling about 2014.


Jacqueline - Beautiful work as always Ryan! The shot of the boys is perfect, your couple must be ecstatic.

Mercedes - That last frame: love. Fun, fun, fun reception!

Jimmy Phillips - What a fun wedding! I love the group shot of the groomsmen. Perfect.

Martinhambleton - So 2014’s going exactly the same way as 2013 did – sheer brilliance.

rahul - dude, these are amazing!!! i love that groomsmen shot, the portraits, the last frame…everything amazing.

Damian Burcher - Great set. The dance floor shots have such energy.

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you Jacqueline!

Albert Palmer - Love that dancing image of them both up high – killer work RB!

Small - LOVE the dance floor pics! What a super fun wedding!

clair estelle - looks like a gorgeous wedding day!

Mary Sylvia - Every photo with a mic in it is perfection.

heatherelizabeth - So I was feelin really good about my photos today then I saw this. You are seriously freakin amazing. Mind blown.