Pleasantdale Chateau wedding: Teresa and Dan

Teresa and Dan fairly drip with humor, savviness, and charisma, even on a normal day, so adding the warmth and fun of a crazy wedding day (especially with Teresa’s Fox 5 News fellow broadcasters, a profession not known for shyness) to the beauty of a Pleasantdale Chateau wedding, and I knew we’d have a good time.

Normally, a wedding day that involves going back and forth from New Jersey to Manhattan on a Friday sets of giant “Danger Will Robinson!” klaxons in my head, but with my “pessimistic so you don’t have to be” planning and their relentless cheeriness, we made it through the sea of tail lights without dampening the day’s excitement one bit, and in return got a gorgeous church and one of my favorite wedding venues within hundreds of miles.

Thanks to Jashim Jalal for his help, and it’s always a pleasure to work alongside the videographers at Fiore Films.


Liz Lui Photography - Love the shots of the bride and her grandmothers! That pinkie swear is so sweet.

Kim Rix Photography - Extremely clever use of the light, creative angles, photography, as per usual.

Bazo - Amazing light, beautiful emotions!

Martinhambleton - Car headlights? Seriously? That’s just beyond outrageous …… and quite brilliant.

Ryan Brenizer - Haha, thanks Martin!

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you!

Bojan Todorovič - Fenomenalne fotke