New Leaf Cafe Wedding: Brenda and Solomon

When you take two people with something like nine degrees between them, and you surround them with their college professor friends and family, there are some things you might expect, like the heartfelt, clever, well-executed speeches, or the performances of classical music by some of the groomsmen. You may not expect breakdancing. But Brenda and Solomon’s wedding hit all of these notes and so many more, from a gaggle of adorable flower girls dressed as fairies, to a beautiful ceremony at the surprisingly pastoral northern tip of Manhattan in the New Leaf Cafe, and exquisitely managed details (that I may add in a director’s cut of this post — I’m posting from the road at the moment).

In fact, there was so much to pack in that I found myself desperately wishing that the wedding day were longer, not something that often happens after a full day of beating myself into a pulp to get the best photos I can at every moment. When their friends finally let loose on the dance floor, it was like a coiled spring ready for release. These professors can party.

Thanks so much for having me share this day, and thanks to Pieter Sientara for his help.

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13 thoughts on “New Leaf Cafe Wedding: Brenda and Solomon”

  1. I haven’t watched one of your wedding sets for a long time. Wow! You have that magic feel that makes you my fav wedding photographer

  2. I am from india…I am just an photography enthusiast (only entry level). I used to regularly following up ur updates in facebook, videos and this website. Your shots are incredibly great. Love to Shoot like you. :) You are great sir…

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