A Taste of Things to Come

130902 100441 105mm f2

I’m working on a little somethin’ somethin’, and The Markows are one of many who have helped with it. More details soon.

Most of you are looking at this and thinking how fabulous Stephen and Julianne are. But those who have taken a lot of Me Method photos are thinking “All those parallel lines and no stitching errors? What strange magic is this?” Well, sometimes a new dog can learn old tricks. More soon.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: 71-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Nikon 105mm f/2 D DC (equivalent of 30mm f/0.58 according to Brett’s calculator)

Romanas - “All those parallel lines and no stitching errors? What strange magic is this?”
Exactly what I was thinking. I’ve noticed only one very minor error at first glance. Usually, I try to avoid parallel lines as much as I can, as fixing them involves a lot of manual stitching, which I hate doing.
Stephen’s fingers look a bit weird, perhaps. I am unsure if it is an error, or just the angle that bumms me out. In any case, looks lovely and got me oh so curious. Please, do share the said old tricks!

Mark Howells-Mead - I use PanoEdit and the only problem I’ve had with stitching where there are a lot of parallel lines are where the target view is seriously distorted (e.g. fisheye).

dennispike - The Markows just straight kill it on both sides of the lens

Elissa R - I can’t wait to see more!!

Craig Cacchioli - What is this voodoo that you display? :)

Julianne Markow - I love that you left the car in the frame, as if to show how un-important the shallow DOF in your method makes it… and combined with all of the (perfectly stitched) leading lines pointing right at us makes it compositionally perfect. You’re the best.