Venetian Wedding: Erica and Dan Eric

Filipino weddings tend to be an incredibly vibrant mix of deep ceremonial meaning and broad family ties, with more people in the processionals than even attend many of the weddings I shoot. These both lead to a deep sort of community investment in the wedding … or in other words, people are ready to party.

How do you take this energy and turn it to 11? First, you invite a LOT of people, whom The Venetian does a great job at housing in style.. Second, you be twin vibrating bundles of energy like Erica and Dan Eric. A couple that taught everyone how to Dougie for their first dance, and who had her father do a mean Beyonce impersonation for the father/daughter dance. There is warmth and then there is Erica, who at a number of times throughout the day would stop whatever she was doing and give me a hug. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

I was glad too. Glad to be there with such amazing, crazy people. Glad to share the day seconded by the amazing Tatiana, who also got her share of hugs, and my intern Leah. And really, just glad to show you these photos.

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26 thoughts on “Venetian Wedding: Erica and Dan Eric”

  1. I love the chandelier tilt shifts and believe the vertical one is this set’s no.1 shot. It is NEW (at least to me) and tells a great story in a nice frame. It shouts its title to me “Wedding Night”

  2. Wow great work… the group photo is awesome. Love your lighting for images during the celebration :)

  3. I was just admiring this set and realized that the church looked
    familiar! St. John’s in Bergenfield was not only my childhood parish
    but was also where *I* got married… 25 years ago!! Great work here,
    Ryan! ~

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