The Green and the Gray

Group 3 pano 130614 192602 45mm f3 pano 130614 192615 45mm f3 9 images

One of the hidden benefits of using so many advanced panorama and compositing techniques to quickly do the otherwise impractical or impossible is that it takes you back to the film days where you can be pleasantly surprised by a photo much later. The result of this tilt-shift pano of Central Park’s urban/pastoral view is exactly what I had in my mind, but it was great to see it take shape.

Lens: 45mm f/2.8 PC-E, 9-image panorama
Camera: Nikon D4

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Ryan Brenizer

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10 thoughts on “The Green and the Gray”

  1. That is a very beautiful technique and photo. Very nice! I wonder how that would look with a lens baby.

  2. Very clever and inspiring. I will give this a go in London where there are some beautiful panorama backdrops.

  3. Very nice image. Love the dreamy look that this has created. Looks like it was shot with a lens baby, rather than a tilt shift lens.

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