Liberty House Wedding: Regina and Jerry

Whenever my fantastic wedding photographer friends fly in to New York to help me shoot a wedding, I like to give them days that might be well outside their norm. It’s an old magazine photo editor trick to bring a fresh sort of vision to a given story, and gives a different sort of accent to my standard “work my butt off and tell the big story” style. For example, when Sara K Byrne came in fresh from her open-air, rural, hipster Idaho weddings, I had her help with a quintessential high-class Manhattan wedding in the opulent cavern that is the Metropolitan Club.

But what could be fresh to my friend (and fellow Moment Junkie co-founder) Kyle Hepp? She’s based in Chile but spends most of her time in or around airplanes, shooting and traveling all over the world. What can be fresh to someone who was in her third hemisphere that week?

“OK, Kyle, this wedding is going to be fantastic. The couple is extremely nice, I love the Liberty House, the day ends at 4…”

“Four a.m.? Cool! That’s pretty standard in Chile, though I don’t always stay the whole time…”

“No … four p.m.”

That did it. Of course the biggest challenges of daytime weddings are that sometimes it’s hard for people to feel the same sort energy at tea time that they would at mid-night, but with Jerry and Regina’s friends and family there was no need to worry about that. A cold mist turned the dramatic NYC skyline view into an impressionistic panorama, and inside the Liberty House the day was marked by deep convictions — convictions to friends, family, religion, and each other.

While the day was almost entirely culturally Western, the energy was helped further by the deep sense of fun of Asian-style reception games. I am sure Jerry has forgiven Regina by now for mistaking the arm of a female guest for that of her new husband.

Thank you both for letting me share in this day, and thanks to Kyle for doing a great job more than 5,000 miles from home.

Donna Baker Schumann - BEAUTIFUL

Kyle - The pinky shots!!!!!! I love those two together, so happy to see you put those in the blog post.

Thanks for pulling me way out of my comfort zone RB :) I had fun!

Regina and Jerry, if you see this, thank you, it was an amazing day!

Manel Tamayo - Great storytelling!

Deepak Rai - superb

Ed Atrero - Slick job working those shadows in those sweet portraits. Superb work as always, Ryan!

Steve Koo - I loved the pinky shots too! The reception, as always, is a highlight. Great work, Ryan!

Britney Gardner - I enjoyed your lead up to the photos – especially nice seeing the Liberty House during the day for a change. :)

Neil Redfern - How do you manage such creativity at every single wedding?! Amazing images as always – I love the shot of the bride looking out of the car window – wow.

Dale Lempa - Beautiful “moment” photography.

Kandid Weddings - Great reception shots! Captured the atmosphere and emotions very nicely.