Hempstead House Wedding: Maggie and Jonathan

Maggie is a decisive person. When she first met with me, not long before her wedding, she was just in for a couple days from her home in China, and I quickly realized that this was not the traditional “Convince me why I should hire you” meeting, but rather “This is why I’m hiring you.”

Weddings are hard enough to plan when you have plenty of time and are able to keep checking in the venue — it’s another story when you live almost 10,000 miles away and with just a matter of weeks to put the major details together, but she handled it with grace and all sorts of style, for example putting a modern twist on Chinese cultural traditions by ending the reception in a killer (Western-style) red dress.

As the thermometer pushes 100 degrees this week, we forget what a short time ago that it was cold and windy, but the wind whipped so hard during the ceremony that for a bit I was sure I was going to be documentarian of disaster. But clearly Maggie’s decisiveness included some very strong tents — and of course, no winds are going to bother the sturdy Hempstead House.

Thank you Pieter Sienatra for your help on this fantastic, blustery day. And thanks to Maggie and Jonathan’s friends and family for making it such a fun day — not every groomsman out there would dress themselves up in toilet paper and re-enact the proposal just so the groom could earn the right to see his bride. And we won’t discuss the body hair collection part.

Eduardo Suastegui - Great coverage all around. Looks like it was a super fun wedding.

rich - love the shot of the bride coming up the stairs and the groomsmen after that one. also crazy getting the MOH’s eye in the flute!! awesome work ryan!!

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - Looks like this Wedding was a lot of fun, love the party photos, really bring the atmosphere a live!

Mary Richard Sundberg - I like the outside pics, with the darkness and the clouds!

Chad Neufeld - that photo of her eye through the wine glass is pimp… well done…

Ron - Awesome shots as always Ryan! I was just there attending a wedding. The castle/mansion looked real cool to do creative shots. They did the wedding outside with only umbrellas for the guests… It was blazing hot!!!!