Coming soon: Tracy and Dan at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

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This setup took 20 lights, but we only had access to Tracy and Dan for about 30 more secons. No problem — same light, 20 times. For 19 of the frames, they were on their way back to cocktail hour. Dramatic photos AND cocktail shrimp, we can have it all!

Camera: Nikon D90
Lens: Tamron 11-18mm f/4.5-5.6 Di-II

Dale Lempa - Dang diggity dog. Cool lighting. I was already asking myself how you did that, before I read the write-up. Nicely done–a great way to make your couple happy AND still rock the shot.

Bryce Wade - Absolutely in awe of your flash composites. D90? That makes it even better.

Tommy B. - Would love to see a BTS post/video on how you would accomplish this sort of shot (i.e. lighting the couple, lighting the scene, etc.)!

Alessandro Aimonetto - With a d90. The demonstration that creativity beat technology hands down…ever!

Julien Leveau - Hi Ryan, what do you mean by 20 lights… 20 flashes? and I don´t get the next, same light, 20 times, for 19 of the frame… I thank you a lot if you can explain me that, its several times I see these kind of explanation and I don’t get it :(

Doug Goodridge - In the absence of a write-up yet I’ve got to ask about the D90…why use that specific camera when others are other more capable? Great shot though. ;)

Lauri H - Awesome shot. You have yet again proved that creativity and knowledge can always beat technology. Do you use a tripod to create these shots or simply keep things as stable as possible while your assistant moves about with the flash? If you do use a tripod it must be darn light not to be a complete nuisance during the rest of the wedding?