Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding: Tracy and Dan

This spring’s cold weather was a double-edged sword. Tracy and Dan were married in May, a bit after the traditional peak of the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Palm House. But thanks to a late-to-arrive spring, they exploded into color just at the right time. The coordinator surprised them with the idea that they could have the ceremony right out in the middle of them, and thank the photo gods that it all worked out.

Of course, the cold hadn’t quite stopped snapping. Want to creating a bonding experience for a group of bridesmaids who don’t know each other that well? Have fantastic light, flowing dresses and a ceremony in the low 50s. By the end they were huddled together, and instant friends just in time for a wild, beautiful party. I tell ym couples that cold is romantic — it makes you want to be closer together — but I didn’t realize how broadly this can be applied.

Thanks to Braham Rhodes for helping out!

Mark Pacura - Absolutely amazing. Love every single shot! Keep scratching my head looking at some of them wondering how did you do it! :-)

Tim Bishop - Some amazingly creative shots, pushing the boundaries for other photographers to not just do what is expected, but go out there and experiment! Love the group shot and shoes/city multiple focus shot. Rockin it Ryan!

Ivor Tetteh-Lartey - Amazing canopy of pink cherry blossom for the ceremony.

Jashim - fan-f****n-tastic!

Elissa - Holy balls. No, seriously, this is killing me. The shoe shot, the pink canopy of blossoms, just everything. Wowzers.

Dave Paek Photography - Fantastic job – no one shoots BBG better than you!

Martin Hambleton - Every wedding needs that much cherry blossom. Stunning work.

Craig Cacchioli - Love the photos under the canopy of blossoms. Gorgeous.

Dale Lempa - Gorgeous photography. You nail it every time.

Darren Bardsley - Beautifully captured images. Love the subtle use of “lens shift”, so many photographers over use and abuse this.

Erran Stewart Photography - Amazing images! Absolutely fabulous!

David @ AiP Creative Photography - Man I love these! I think you used the brenizer method during the ceremony, right? Looks incredible!

Giorgio Guglielmino - Great pictures! I love how you captures theirs happines :) The last 2 pictures are my favs.

Betty Matthews Hurtado - Amazing pictures, unbelievable talent! several favorites..

Mercedes - Ryan these are gorgeous! That shoe shot is…wow. And that canopy of blossoms is so pretty.

Sally - Which camera and post processing program do you use, Lightroom or Aperture?

Val - Great pics. That looks like a super fun wedding!! Were they all hams or did you have to bring it out of them? Great stuff!!

Valokuvaaja Janne Miettinen - Amazing stuff :)

Steve Koo - Beautiful work, Ryan. I love the recessional shot at the end of the ceremony!

Kandid Weddings - Great lighting on the flash composite as well as the last shot.

Mario Colli - Amazing Ryan.

Pk Kataria - Ryan mentions that he used 20 lights for the last image but then says he only had about 30 seconds to get it done, something about using 1 light 20 times.. can someone explains what he did here please? Curious amateur photographer.

Frederic Swennen - These trees…wow!

Steve Brill - Excellent work Ryan, it certainly looks as though everyone had a great day. Really enjoyed the post, keep up the good work.