Straight and Narrow

130404 210410 35mm f1 6 Edit

Lightroom 5 beta is out, and for once Adobe’s magical new promised tools really are pretty magical. The one-click straightening tool actually does a great job in a one-second edit, and the parallel lines of New York’s architecture thanks it.

Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: Sigma 35mm f/1.4

rich - one touch straightening? i have to check this out!! amazing shot ryan!

Ryan - I would love to see the before. I’ve seen some of scott kelby’s info on the beta, and it looks great.

Dennis Pike - I’m almost more impressed that you were able to get such an empty shot of Washington Square Park

Jason - Great shot Ryan! I would love to know your thoughts on that Sigma 35? Better than the Nikon?

David @ Married to My Camera - I couldn’t agree more! Making these kind of corrections in Photoshop would be time-consuming. Adobe are clearly listening to photographers and responding to their needs.

Giorgio Guglielmino - Hi, for sure Lightroom is a great tools but you pictrures is great too, i really like the composition and the backlight behind them.

Kim Rix - Ryan, you’ve inspired me to try this shot at Marble Arch in London. Are you familiar with Marble Arch?

bycostello - stunning images

Derek - Beautiful shot Ryan

York Place Studios - That straightening tool sounds awesome :) and it’s such a beautiful image. Very romantic!