Foundry Wedding: Annie and Bill

I love a good party, and it seems like weddings at The Foundry are always fantastic parties. There must be some sort of neural connection between the preferences that make people love the dark brick and ironwork of the space and of a propensity to do the chicken wing on the dance floor. I don’t have to tell you that Annie and Bill were extremely fun; you’ll see that below. But they were also laid-back in a way that we forget New Yorkers can be, focused on just a great time with each other and their loved ones. In fact, family was so close that Bill’s sister served as Best Woman, complete with a tux just for the ceremony. Whether it was searching for the right-fitting female tux, a giant pile of cheese instead of wedding cake, or the beautiful hanging lights, they made sure that this day was their own, and I was happy to record it. Thanks to the fantastic Dave Paek for doing another great job as assistant.

Ashley - What a location!! Love the shot with grandma :)

Sara Kelly Johns - I LOVE the grandmother picture though so many are great.

Dale Lempa - Awesome frames. I love your warm, natural tones.

John Turner - Stunning Images from what looked like a Fantastic Day. And what a Venue, looks awesome!

Craig Cacchioli - Cracking photography as ever

Roque Gonzalez - awesome pictures

Matías Sanchez - hey, I love how do you light. Could you tell me how do you do this?

Ryan - Your first picture at the top is stunning… reminds me of something out of James Bond!

Toni Pallari - Can you tell me what is the light source of these last party shots?