My first ever (on purpose) double exposure. I’m always eager to try new ways of seeing.

Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5
Lens: Panasonic 25mm f/1.4

Cristian - Can’t absolutely understand how you pulled this of….. But it’s awesome!

If you plan in writng a blog post on how you did iit, it would be much appreciated!!!

By the way, if this kind of picture becomes famous as the already famous “Brenizer Method”….you need to come up with another name for this new thechnique! ;)

Brendan - You never cease to amaze me. Gorgeous.

Crt - WOW. Simply wow.

Ashley - Wow!! Love the tree branches!

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks Cristian! This technique is about as old as photography itself actually, I just wanted to add some meaning to it.

Sean Shimmel - Right-brained trippiness in all the best ways. Trying to figure out the clean silhouetting.

Here’s my own take on double vision but with a single snap.

Monica Justesen Photography - Holy friggin’ moly. This is absolutely insane in the most amazing way!

Frank Lu - I would like to know how he did it.

Carole Chen - This is amazing!!! Coincidentally just saw an article about this technique this morning and curious to try it out. :)