21 thoughts on “Blossom explosion”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    Very nice photo. I remember a while ago you said you are working on a mother of all brenizer panorama tutorial which will also involve tips on incorporating movement. Any chance of that hitting the rentals anytime soon ?

    Your work is quite phenomenal by the way. I got the full appreciation of how hard shooting a wedding could be when I tried to capture some candid shots in a friends wedding the other day .. phew !


  2. 56 shots, something I wish I could do with my D800, it will take me a good 10 minutes to do that. I do miss my D3s for the YOU method :(

  3. Ryan, I have read your bio. It sounds like you’ve had an amazing life…you certainly are blessed. You must have some amazing stories to tell and one day, I would like to sit next to you at the dinner table to hear some of them!

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