Tappan Hill Wedding: Stephanie and Scott

Great friends, great food, laughter that wracks through your whole body, work friends showing surprisingly awesome dance moves, cheeky grandparents, two kind and soulful binding their friendship and partnership … and SNOW! I love this job, I love Tappan Hill, and I love these people. And thanks to Kacy Jahanbini for fantastic assistance.

Jean Loper Photography - Stunning

Dale Lempa - Awesome colors and great clarity. Superb captures of expression.

Martin Hambleton - Where do I start? Every single frame is sensational. I guess first prize has to go to the panorama though. Even by your standards, this one’s special.

Johnboy Wilson - Those dancefloor shots are brilliant!!!

Nash Ruiz - Fantastic Work!!!

Ashley - These are amazing! The first shot of the ring is so vibrant!

rich - love the dance shots and the night time portraits!

Derek Olson - Is this your first time shooting in snow? I recall you saying you hadn’t done that yet. Gorgeous work, insane dance shots as always

Chris Snowden - Wow .. Your work is amazing. Inspiring stuff!

Jon S6 - super cool, literally…and the photos