Stage 6 at Steiner Studios Wedding: Anna and Steven

We’ve been having some pretty terrible weather in New York this year, but the grey, cold skies opened up for Anna and Steven’s wedding at Steiner Studios, giving us some time to traipse about Brooklyn. I love doing Russian weddings, even though it always reminds me how rusty my Russian has gotten since college (these days I am pretty much limited to being able to ask where the post office is.) There is so much focus on family, and it is always a great party, especially when Anna and Steven’s friends give a surprise (and surprisingly great) Russian pop performance at the reception. Thanks to Dave Paek for assisting!

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13 thoughts on “Stage 6 at Steiner Studios Wedding: Anna and Steven”

  1. Hats off to you Ryan! We had a great time documenting this wedding and I’m always amazed when I see your end product!

  2. Ryan Brenizer! The one of them through the picture of the couple is amazing. But I’m confused…is that through a cardboard cutout or is it a reflection of them on a photograph? Anyways, awesome. Definitely Fearless!

  3. Your work ASTOUNDS ME!! I’m always left in AWE!! p.s. I just watched the framed episode with you, and it was fantastic. I look forward to following you throughout the next few months before our wedding season starts here in Saskatchewan Canada.

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