Quick hits from the weekend

I’m in the air over Iowa now on the way to WPPI, where I will close out the party with a lecture on what to do when you’re shooting a wedding and everything seems to be working against you (otherwise called “most weddings ever.”) What better way to get ready for it than shooting two weddings? So much more to come; here’s a quick fix:

  • http://www.dennispikephoto.com Dennis Pike

    dude, Ryan. That 2nd shot is soooooooooo freaking good

  • http://www.lempacreative.com/ Dale Lempa

    Awesome stuff; you find a hero shot everywhere.

  • http://elizabethandrich.com rich

    love these dude – great work!

  • http://www.monicajustesen.com Monica Justesen Photography

    Amazing. That second one…wow!

  • http://solarisstudios.com Aric Hoek

    LOVE the composition in the first portrait.

  • http://www.kandidweddings.com/ Amir

    Love the drama in the second shot. Nice work!