Green Building Wedding: Jenna and Aaron

I’m pretty sure this is the soonest after a wedding that I’ve ever blogged the images — chalk it up to a pre-WPPI convention burst of productivity. But also these make me excited for a number of reasons. First, Jenna and Aaron are awesome, hilarious, and brilliant. I really love how frequently the best man and maid of honor speeches mention how freaking smart my couples are, since if smart people hire you, maybe you’re doing something right. Aaron, after all, if the sort of fellow who had Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, a thoroughly impenetrable book, out as pleasure reading. Sadly there were more important things going on than for us to sit and share a dialectical chat.

But also this was my first wedding since being named of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world by American Photo magazine, and my first wedding since the Foundation Workshops. Contrary to what you might think, the former fact never entered my mind all day. But Foundation loomed large in my mind — I have spent my entire career working as hard as I can to show lasting moments, people’s personalities and how amazing they look at their wedding day, but the intensity of the Foundation Workshop made me work harder than ever at being a perfectionist along the way — stressing over every millimieter of what is and is not included in each frame. Of course, sometimes the moment is strong enough that you just go for it — the ring bearer kissing his brother was impossible to frame perfectly, but even just mentioning the existence of the photo made their mother break out in a huge grin.

Also, though for a mix of modesty and SEO purposes she doesn’t want me to mention her name, I was joined by the amazing T, and she KILLED it. Lots of great photos, and even when running the photobooth she managed to take a simple setup and create art! I’ve never been so tempted to put photobooth images in a blog post. Thanks, T!

I’m so excited for 2013, and this was a great way to kick off the main season!

  • Arun

    impressive as usual

  • David Stubbs

    Truly amazing photography Ryan! Amazing!!!

  • Dale Lempa

    How do you ALWAYS find such amazing compositions? Great work.

  • Johnboy Wilson

    Love those dancing shots, great energy! Awesome work as always!

  • Natalie Gibbs

    Another great set. Your understanding of lighting is just meticulous… I envy it! And that curly headed kid is CUTE.

  • Peter Wynne

    Great work here Ryan, love the use of T&S during the ceremony.

  • Nash Ruiz

    Great Work!!!

  • ed peers

    Just fantastic Ryan…

  • John Park

    Great work Ryan! Thank you, as always, for sharing!

  • Gavin Farrington

    Some hilarious dancing shots in this set. Great work!

  • Luis Godinez

    amazing wedding. so many great moments.

  • Varun Saran

    I’m not a huge tilt-shift fan, but the one in this set is absolutely amazing!

  • Matt Ferrell

    Nice work bro! as always knocking it out of the park with your flash : )

  • Albert Palmer

    You had me with the first shot

  • Shella

    Really love these Ryan! So full of life!

  • John Wellings

    First time looking at your work Ryan, blown away, great stuff.

  • Kristian Leven

    Top work Mr Brenizer. Top work.

  • Carolyn Saffer

    These photos are amazing! Kudos to the photographer – he surely captured incredible and memorable moments!

  • rich

    dude – these rock!!

  • Dale Lempa

    I just had to comment again. This is awesome storytelling, from beginning to middle to end. That last shot is so quiet and peaceful.

  • Danielle Capito Photography

    That venue is amazing!! Awesome job capturing it so well!!

  • mario colli

    I always enjoy your work. You really deserve to be in the top 10 list. Keep doing what you do Ryan. You are great.

  • Anton Chia

    Always the best Ryan!

  • Aric Hoek

    Love the one of the boy under the chair.

  • Crystal Madsen

    Ryan excellent wedding as always. your clients have to be thrilled they have you to capture these memories.

  • Dennis Pike

    This is infuriatingly good

  • burak

    Amazing set of images yet again. such an inspirational photographer you are. Kind regards.

  • Heather Elizabeth

    “Hi, my name is Ryan and I can’t help but photograph awesome.”

    You are a God of light.

  • Hammer Shuberth

    great! lens? camera?

  • Ben Tomlin

    Great job as usual Ryan… but I’m now going to be comparing your weddings pre & post foundation ;)

  • Cindy Warner-Scheinwald

    LOVE, Love them, but I am partial to the one of you and Marilyn, and my son and you with his celebratory ” hand raise” yahoo!!

  • Lucile Warner-Heinz

    Beatiful wedding, I haven’t seen Aaron for years.Handsone young man too!

  • Jim – NYC wedding videographer

    Great shots of the people enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Great job.