Bayard’s Wedding: Sarah and Alex

Sara and Alex’s wedding at Bayard’s was all about family … really. They struggled with changed dates and planning to make sure that Sarah’s parents could be there from the Philippines, and even just weeks before they still weren’t sure that they could make it. Thankfully they made it for a beautiful-but-freezing winter wedding. St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral is a gorgeous place for a ceremony — and apparently completely unheated. But whether in the church or on an icy Wall Street walk, there was little but ecstasy in Sarah and Alex’s minds, and it was infectious despite a few blue fingers.

Leo - Love it. That first dance shot is stupendous.

Jashim - Phenomenal imagery and storytelling…but the fact that you have a logo on your images makes me happy.

Sarah Adriano-Filatov - Thank you Ryan!
You did a great job! It was really a cold day. Thank you for your Great capture and it was really good that we had you booked even before our reception, parents visa and other details. It was all worth it.

Nash Ruiz - Wonderful work!!! Greetings from Spain!!!

Salex Photography - Amazing work as usual!

Dale Lempa - I love the mix of wide shots with details here.

Booth - I really love the wide shot of the church! Great photos

Amir - Love the backlit shot of the couple on the stairs. Great composition.

Ashley - You captured this beautifully! I feel like I was there!