My First International Workshop: London area, Feb. 23

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Lots of UK folk have been begging me to come across the pond, and I’ve been dying to go to London ever since I was aware of what it was, so here we are. I want people to get real benefits from this, and am not a sunshine-and-rainbows peddler, so I may have written the only vaguely depressing workshop announcement ever. Like Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, I’m just keeping it real.

Dieter Koelbl - Maybe you should consider a tour and come to Germany as well. I would be the first one joining one of your workshops :-).

Arthur, UK - Fantastic news to see you are coming to the UK. I can’t believe my bad luck – the day of your workshop I fly out to NY – our last flight got cancelled due to Sandy!! I hope it’s a great success so you come back again. I’m a huge admirer of your great work.

Luca Bonanno - Hi, I’m interested attending your workshop. Please let me know details. Thanks, Luca

Ed - Hi Ryan, when will we find out who has got onto your workshop?



stefan - hochzeitsfotograf schweiz - sweet! Best of Luck!

Dan Crockford - Hi there, I’m very interested in attanding this workshop could you please let me know details. Many thanks, Dan.

Lizzie Connor - Hey, this looks great, are there any course details/booking instructions?

Jim Schofield - I have never seen Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason mentioned in any photographic forum, ever!

Helen Davies - I am going whoooop! XX

Nick Wild - This is it TOMORROW….Bring it on ;D.